International Schools Webinar with TASIS England: Watch the Playback

International Schools: Hybrid Learning and Reopening School Safely, A TASIS England Case Study

Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2pm BST - This event has ended. Watch the webinar replay below.

As part of Relocate Global's Education & Family Focus webinar series, TASIS England The American School in England will join us to share a case study on Hybrid Learning & Reopening Schools Safely.

Schools, students, and parents were faced with an unprecedented situation with the closure of schools this spring. The move to online learning platforms presented challenges to all. Beyond delivering the curriculum, it was equally important to maintain student engagement in their learning.


As we look ahead to a physical return to the classroom, schools are focused on providing a safe environment in which the well-being of students and staff is paramount. Parents are looking for reassurance, and this is particularly true for those who are moving to a new school or sending their children abroad for an international boarding school experience.

At the same time, schools must be prepared to ensure the continuity of education for any students who are unable to attend classes in person, whatever the reason. Register now to discover the benefits of Hybrid Learning and how a leading international residential and day school in the UK is addressing parents’ concerns.

You will also learn about the ways in which they support the families of international assignees as they settle into life in the UK.


Webinar overview:

  • Bryan Nixon (right), Head of School, will introduce TASIS England and explain:
    • the School's mission and commitment to providing the right learning pathway for each student to reach their full potential at school and beyond;Hybrid Learning and what it means for students; and the Back2TASIS plans for a safe return to school in August.
  • Nellie Bailey (left), Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, will explain how the Admissions team assists families with their search for a new school and supports them during the settling-in process.

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TASIS England is located near London in the Surrey village of Thorpe.

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