Introduction to Great Education & Schools’ Fair

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Hosted by Jayne Constantinis, BBC World presenter with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate Magazine and Relocate Global

Includes discussion with education experts and parents:

  • Carl Morris
  • Alessandra Gnudi
  • Ruth Holmes, writer, Relocate Magazine
  • Nicky Stone

With many expatriate families still displaced or looking to repatriate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Fair provides the perfect opportunity to market your school to international parents, their employers and relocation professionals looking for school places now and for their next international assignment.

We have an exciting virtual programme of webinars, talks, interviews and discussions planned, supported by great editorial content on how your schools have adapted to thrive in the new world we live in.

As well as the Schools and Education hub, there will also be a Relocation and Wellbeing hub with plenty of opportunity to find out about relocation support on offer around the world.

The Future of Work hub will provide a great platform to share views with colleagues and peers across the world of global mobility, and schools educating talent of the future. 


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