What’s your definition of global mobility success for 2020?

A new webinar from AIRINC hosted by Relocate Global shows how to adapt with agility to the New Normal. Watch the playback webinar to find out how you can optimise your global mobility function’s support.

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Download the webinar slide deck (2386k)
Based on AIRINC’s white paper, The 2020 Global Mobility Playbook, Relocate Global’s latest webinar will take a fresh look at what it takes to provide an agile, fully integrated and aligned global mobility function that remains compliant, efficient and client focused. 

Drive business results through global mobility

AIRINC’s Global Growth Leader, Morgan Crosby will join managing editor Fiona Murchie on 28 April 1400BST to present practical responses to the new demands GM functions face as agile HR comes to the fore.“Global mobility is the engine that drives your international talent advantage,” says Morgan Crosby. “In 2020, challenge your global mobility function to be different. Develop your playbook to get you there.”

Developing global mobility beyond the transactional

With technology removing the need for manual data entry and administration, GM professionals are now free to counsel, strategise and innovate at a higher level in organisations. AIRINC and Relocate Global therefore invite everyone in the global mobility community to take time out and truly focus on your organisation’s unique definition of global mobility success.

Advising, active listening and the global mobility function

AIRINC’s 2020 Global Mobility Playbook identifies four core elements designed to guide organisations to their ideal states. These are the foundation of the skills GM professionals need to navigate these new frontiers as GM gravitates from its silo into the centre of organisations. Advocacy is one of them. “Consumer preferences for faster, flexible, easy access to information and services have increased the demand for a better mobility experience,” says Morgan Crosby. “With rapid change and ever-evolving demands, it can be challenging to establish a mobility function to meet needs. Mobility can never fully achieve its goals if it does not push for change.” 

Taking global mobility to the next level

This latest Relocate Global webinar will be an opportunity to hear how you can:
  • leverage partner and professional networks
  • innovate new solutions
  • demonstrate to leaders the value of a strategic global mobility function.
The goal is to support you to continue to make a real difference to your organisation and its globally mobile people. So, please do register to join us on 28 April, 1400BST, to find out how you can be at the forefront of change.To participate in future webinars email To share your ideas on helpful content across our media email
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