Raising Global Teens: a webinar with keynote speaker Dr Anisha Abraham

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Globalisation has given many of us unparalleled opportunities to work, travel, fall in love, and raise kids all over the world. But it’s made being a teen more complicated than ever.

Imagine having to discover your identity and place in the world when you keep having to move communities, your parents are from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, you’re exposed to multiple cultures daily or you’re faced with unique challenges such as global warming and pandemics. How can we help these cross-cultural teens stay happy, healthy, and balanced?

Raising Global Teens explores the hot topics that adolescents experience today: identity, social media, body image, traumatic events, puberty, drugs, stress, and sex, all in the context of our modern, mobile world. In this easy-to-read handbook, Dr. Anisha provides answers to the common, if tough, questions from global teens and their parents. She combines real-world examples with practical solutions, drawing on the latest research, her own experience and that of the many cross-cultural teens she has worked with over the last 25 years. Raising Global Teens enables busy families, health providers, and educators to apply powerful tools to help today’s adolescents thrive.

Anisha Abraham, MD, MPH, is a pediatrician and teen health specialist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and on faculty at the University of Amsterdam and Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. She grew up in the US as the daughter of South Asian immigrants and has lived with her husband and two sons in Asia, Europe, and the US. Anisha helps cross-cultural teens manage a wide range of issues from body image to substance use, social media, and stress. She also leads seminars for teens, parents, faculty, and organizations using her 25 years of global experience as a practicing clinician, military physician, public health researcher, TEDx speaker, and health educator. She has been interviewed by NPR, CNN, NBC, Voice of America, RTHK, and The Washington Post. (Dr Abraham's book is an Amazon #1 New Release in Teen Health, and has been a best seller in several categories on Amazon US, UK and Germany.) 

Have your questions answered in our interactive Q&A - here are some of the questions we'll be asking:

  • How can parents & schools support teenagers during the pandemic - and the disruption to their schooling & social life?
  • How do we help international children leaving their home country to go to boarding school while their family and friends remain in their country of origin?
  • What are some of the key strategies for parents or caregivers that make communication with teenagers effective when those very teenagers often prefer to avoid talking with us?
  • How do we help teens that may be struggling with body image to feel confident about themselves especially with pressure from social media and peers?

Raising Global Teens enables busy families, health providers, and educators apply powerful tools to help today’s adolescents thrive.


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