Residence permit card fees are reintroduced in Italy

The Italian government has reintroduced residence permit card fees with costs varying according to the length of stay and the skill of the worker. The fees were deemed illegal in 2016 by the ECJ.

Residence permit card fees are reintroduced in Italy
Effective 9 June 2017, the Italian government has reintroduced filing fees for applications for a “permesso di sogiorno” residence permit.

What are the new fees?

The new fees are as follows:
  • Residence permit card fixed fee – €76.00 (including €30.46 for the electronic card; €16.00 for application stamp; €30.00 mailing fee)
  • Residence permit card valid from three months to one year: €40.00
  • Residence permit card valid from one to two years: €50.00
  • EC residence permit card for long-term residents, and intra-company residence permit cards for managers and highly-skilled workers: €100.00


In October 2011, a joint Ministerial decree introduced high residence permit application/renewal fees (from €80 to €200, depending on the type and duration of the permit, in addition to the fixed expenses already in place).In 2015, the European Court of Justice judged the tax to be a violation of EU regulations. Subsequently, The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio declared the residence permit tax illegal and abolished the fee on applications (May 2016).On 14 September 2016, with Presidential Decree No. 03903/2016 the Council of State decided to suspend the court order of the TAR, Lazio's Regional Administrative Court, and the fees were temporarily reintroduced, until a final decision was reached.Again, in November 2016, The Council of State confirmed the abolishment of the residence permit application/renewal fees introduced in 2011.

Action Items

  • Note the reintroduced fees for residence permits.
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