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‘The Isle of Man celebrates diversity and welcomes relocators from all backgrounds and cultures, offering both a progressive and straightforward work permit and immigration system.’

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If you are relocating from within the Common Travel Area (CTA) to the Island to pursue a career, you will need a Work Permit. If you are immigrating from outside of the CTA, you will require a Visa.Work PermitsWho needs to apply?Anyone who is not classed as an Isle of Man worker requires a work permit to take up employment (including self-employment) in the Isle of Man.Who is exempt? There are however, exemptions for a number of occupations and employments. These include - but are not limited to - certain employments in ICT and e-business, police roles, judicial employments, medical practitioners, registered dentists, social workers, nurses, midwives and secondary school teachers. Certain temporary employments are also exempt.The application processThe work permit application process is very straightforward and can be processed and completed online, with a decision typically being made within two working days. The flat fee for a permit is £60 and can be applied for up to five years. Applications can be made by:For individuals moving to the Island for employment and bringing a family, the process is incredibly easy. The Isle of Man Government offer automatic one year work permits for spouses, civil partners, and co-habiting partners of Isle of Man workers, work permit holders and exempt workers (even if the partner has not secured employment) and immediate access to the Island’s free school system for children. These work permits require an annual renewal.Visas and Immigration The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency and as such, is entitled to, and uses the services of British Embassies, Visa Application Centres and other diplomatic offices around the world for immigration. Individuals moving from the UK, Ireland, and other Crown Dependencies (Jersey and Guernsey) do not require a visa. For those who do require a visa, the application process is simple and straightforward.Applicants must apply online from their country of residence for Entry Clearance for the Isle of Man. The British Embassy will, after some initial processes, then refer the visa application to the Isle of Man Immigration Service for a decision. While immigration rules are very similar to the UK, they are not identical, so it is important to understand the process. The main visa types that allow individuals to work, settle and study in the Isle of Man include:A recently introduced route, this short-term visa is for individuals who have been offered a temporary position (up to a maximum of nine months) in the hospitality sector. The applicant must hold a valid Confirmation of Employment and have not held the equivalent leave in the Isle of Man, UK, or Channel Islands within the three months prior to applying.There are no English language requirements needed for this route, with many employers in the hospitality industry offering attractive packages alongside these roles, including subsiding travel, accommodation costs and meal expenses.   

Isle of Man Worker Migrant Visa 

This visa is for individuals from outside the UK, Ireland, and other Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey) who have been offered a skilled job in the Isle of Man and can be applied for after employment has been confirmed by an Isle of Man employer.Dependents can apply using the same visa criteria and the visa is valid for an initial period of three years and one month, with an opportunity to extend it for a further three years thereafter.

Intra-Company Transfer Migrant Visa

The visa allows multinational employers to transfer their existing employees from outside the UK or Ireland to their Isle of Man branch for training purposes or to fill a specific vacancy for up to a maximum of five years. Dependents can apply using the same visa criteria, and applicants are not required to meet the English language requirements. This visa lasts a maximum of three years and one month.

Worker Migrant - Health and Care Visa

This visa is for individuals who have been offered a healthcare job in the Isle of Man and is very similar to a standard Worker Migrant visa.

Tier 5 - Temporary Workers

This route is for certain temporary workers whose entry helps satisfy cultural, charitable, religious, or international objectives. Eligible roles include creative and sporting, religious, charity work, volunteering and those who are job shadowing. The visa is for a maximum of 24 months.This is for young adults from certain countries who would like to live and work in UK and the Isle of Man for up to two years. To apply for this visa, individuals will need to be 18 or over and meet a number of eligibility requirements.This is for commonwealth citizens and those who have at least one grandparent who was born in the UK and allows individuals to live and work in the UK and Isle of Man for up to five years. Dependents can also use this visa route.There are two immigration routes available to entrepreneurs from outside of the UK and Ireland who are looking to establish a business in the Island. All applications must be endorsed by the Isle of Man Government’s Department for Enterprise before the immigration process begins.

The Business Migrant - Start-up

This route is for Migrants seeking to establish an innovative, viable and scalable business in the Isle of Man. Whilst there is no minimum investment requirement, they will need to demonstrate the business is sustainable and has the means to support them and any dependants. This category offers leave for two years and four months and does not lead to indefinite leave to remain. To achieve indefinite leave to remain, Migrants may progress to the Innovator route.

The Business Migrant - Innovator

This route is for Migrants with business experience seeking to establish, join or take over one or more businesses in the Isle of Man. Unless progressing from the Start-Up route, Migrants must have a minimum of £50,000 to invest in the business. Migrants seeking to establish a new business under this sub-category will have an innovative, viable and scalable business idea. Migrants seeking to join, or take over an existing business or businesses, will be required to demonstrate how the investment will be made and the migrant’s plans for the business.

Common Travel Area

The Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Channel Islands, and the Republic of Ireland collectively form a ‘Common Travel Area’. This means that an applicant who has entered the Common Travel Area and who has been through immigration does not require ‘leave to enter’ in any other part of the Common Travel Area. To put this simply, travel between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom is an internal domestic journey, so there is no separate immigration needed.

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