UK immigration: a new call for evidence

UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) seeks your input on the roles being filled by migrant workers, the salaries they are paid and implications of potential changes.

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The UK government plans to introduce a new immigration system on 1 January 2021 – the day after the Brexit transition period ends. Because of this, the government commissioned the MAC to compile a UK shortage occupation list (SOL), which will primarily focus on medium-skill occupations. The report is due to be released in September 2020.

The UK Home Secretary sets the agenda

The UK Home Secretary Priti Patel wrote to the MAC, "we have also set out our aim, as an initial step from January 2021, to add tradeable points into the employer-led skilled worker migration route. This will be ahead of creating the unsponsored points-based system, to sit alongside the employer-led route, which the MAC covered in its report."Whether an occupation is in shortage will be one of the key factors for which a migrant will be able to score tradeable points and therefore the SOLs must continue to be an important part of the future immigration system."The MAC would like to hear from organisations who employ or plan to recruit medium skilled migrant workers (RQF level 3 to 5) to get a better understanding of the roles that are being filled, salaries paid and implications of potential changes. The MAC does not intend to ask stakeholders to send in any evidence for RQF6+ occupations that are already included on the SOL. The MAC does ask that evidence is provided for RQF6+ occupations where stakeholders feel there is strong new evidence for their inclusion on the SOL.

What is a Shortage Occupation List, specifically?

The Shortage Occupation List is a government compiled list of occupations for which the evidence suggests there are not enough UK workers to fill vacancies. The government decides which occupations to put on the list, after receiving advice from the MAC.Go to the MAC website to contribute your views to this consultation. The deadline for your response is 11:45pm on 24 June 2020

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