Awards Winner: Best research contribution. Commercial research

The Best Research Contribution for Commercial Research was awarded to RELO Direct® for its research linking surveys to the needs of members of its roundtable networking group.

Dianne Amos & Bob Portale, RELO Direct

Dianne Amos & Bob Portale, RELO Direct

Award Winner: Relo Direct, Inc

RELO Direct® won Relocate’s Commercial Research Award, standing out for its “highly tailored research initiative that directly links surveys to the needs of members of its roundtable networking group.” The judges praised the approach taken as it “exhibits immediacy and relevance to current requests for information, which are then shared among roundtable members.”RELO Direct® operates a collaborative networking and education group, the Global Mobility RoundtableTM (GMR). This engages with relocation and mobility professionals to conduct research and provide information on emerging trends that impact global mobility activity. Created and hosted by RELO Direct®, the GMR is a non-commercial forum for information-sharing that’s open to HR professionals and relocation practitioners who manage employee mobility programmes for corporations and agencies of the US government.GMR’s primary focus is to facilitate comprehensive benchmarking studies and instant surveys, which are developed in conjunction with members to provide information to support them in making effective programme and policy decisions. Research topics are driven by community member requests and client-specific directives. The final research product, shared with all GMR community members and accompanied by a consultative narrative, contributes to practitioner knowledge and practice enhancements within global organisations.

Added Value Research Model 

The judges were very impressed with the research model operated by RELO Direct®, noting that numerous surveys and research projects are conducted throughout the year, run in direct response to requests from members. The judges felt that this clearly added value due to its highly tailored nature and action to address requirements for information on issues of immediacy and concern. The judges said, “By responding to calls for information, surveying members and then sharing the research outcomes, this approach has high impact and adds value by helping to drive forward change interventions in practice.”The judges particularly commented on the value of research outputs being driven directly by the needs
of the roundtable community. They noted
that results will actually be used, as they are
obtained in response to specific member demands. The judges also commended the wide reach of the research, with some 871 global mobility professionals in 591 corporations being involved. They noted that about 570 respondents took part in around 15 surveys last year. The judges added, “Rather than the member organisations having to rely on whatever surveys are out there, this tailored approach to research enables them to draw upon data that is specific to their needs. This clearly adds value.”The judges were also impressed by client feedback in this regard. For example, one roundtable participant noted, “Membership and benchmarking studies provided us with opportunities to gain deep insights and analytics from more than 50 mobility practitioners. As a result, we are better positioned to design and implement improvements to remain effective and competitive in our recruiting efforts. Additionally, we will be able to create amazing employee experiences, with the establishment of standardised relocation policies, proactive budget planning and streamlined mobility decisions.”

Responding to member needs 

The judges also commented on an extensive survey carried out in 2018 in relation to tax issues and employment. They recognised that this brought together information on how recent US law had been implemented and its effects on relocation programmes and policies. The results enabled employers to amend internal practices in response to changes that would flow from the new legislation. The judges said, “A clear link between survey research, legislative change and practical implications and application is demonstrated.”Summing up, the judges said, “It is good to see an organisation that conducts research specifically in response to the needs of its members because this means that research outputs are tailored to aspects of relocation that are clearly of significance to these firms.”

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