Awards Winner: Technological Innovation Corporate Support

The worthy winner of the award for Technological Innovation Corporate Support was Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) for its My Relocation self-service portal, which is bringing real benefits to both clients and their transferees.

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Aniko Mile, Global Mobility Solutions

Award Winner: Global Mobility Solutions 

Underlining the increasing reach and positive impact of technology innovation on HR, talent and global mobility teams, this category – one of two for technology – covered a diversity of global mobility service providers and offered judges a shortlist of nine contenders.Global Mobility Solutions (GMS), a US-headquartered global corporate relocation services company specialising in workforce mobility and relocation technology, triumphed for its MyRelocation™ self-service portal, which is bringing tangible benefits for both clients and their transferees.Collecting the award on behalf of the company and GMS’s Web Development team of eight, London-based Aniko Mile, senior global assignment manager, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to win this award and are very excited about our new technology.”GMS’s MyRelocation™ innovation platform responds to the growing trends in relocation of lump-sum payments, self- managed moves and more customised relocation packages, which are traditionally beyond the realms of relocation support, but where transferees are now increasingly expecting some level of assistance from their employers.MyRelocation™ unites corporate cost-focus and employee support by reducing administrative workload for HR and in- house global mobility expertise, while channelling transferees to quality service providers based on their unique circumstances.In their overall analysis, the judges concluded, “This tool is very clean, easy to use and provides a perfect option for companies to offer support to lump sum or lower cost moves in a modern and sophisticated portal.”

A Vision of Relocation's Future? 

Alongside offering choice and support for assignees, technological innovation is a key pillar of GMS’s business model. As an established independent company, which began operating in 1987, GMS was among the first in the relocation sector to register a .com domain and was a pioneer of online interactive tools and calculators in the early 1990s.Over the past 30 years, the company has continued to drive technology forward in relocation alongside building a trustednetwork of relationships around the world.
This offers US domestic and international
transferees access to GMS’ Premier Alliance Network – an elite partnership of relocation service providers. MyRelocation™ is the outcome of this winning combination, handing clients and transferees an effective way of organising their relocation according to individual need. As a portal to access assistance for home buying, rentals and selling, mortgage arrangement, household goods and automotive shipments, temporary housing, utilities concierge and partner support, MyRelocation™ is a hands-on and direct way for assignees to procure and manage their own moves that offers real-time insight into budget spend and move progress.The portal is universally accessible across e-readers such as Kindle and Nook, to Android and iPhones, and is backed by round-the-clock real-time support from GMS teams.After a demo, judge Hannah Stewart, said, “I really like the feel of the system, how easy it is to use and the dashboard summary for the employees to tell them exactly where things are with the relocation. Each step is broken down simply and, therefore, really easy to follow. The spotlight documents and information are also provided in an appealing format.”

Cost-Effective Engagement 

As with all good technology, MyRelocation™ enables HR and mobility specialists to offer help when and where they can add the most value. Free from tracking or managing lump-sum expenses, clients are liberated from handling administration such as cost reporting and year-end summaries for tax compliance. Assignees are also saving their own time, leaving them to concentrate on the emotional and other practical aspects of their transfer.According to GMS, the MyRelocation™ portal saves the average client up to $833 (£656 approx) per transferee file, with courtesy services such as free settling-in, employee rental rebates and savings through the approved network providers. This, in addition, to the priceless benefit of transfers that go to

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