Awards Winner: Technological innovation. Employee & Family Support

The award for Technological Innovation Employee & Family Support went to Benivo for its employer-branded destination platforms, part of its range of technology-enabled resources designed to help its client base enhance the profile of mobility within the business.

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Nitzan Yudan, Benivo

Award Winner: Benivo

This award recognises effective and innovative use of technology to boost employee experience. This year’s winner, Benivo – an amalgamation of the word “welcome” in eight languages – is harnessing technology to move mobility squarely into engagement and talent management.On a mission to “make every employee welcome” and improve the employee experience for relocating talent, Benivo’s employer-branded digital destination platforms are helping its large client base to enhance mobility’s profile within the business and deliver excellent experiences for lower-benefit relocatees through its range of technology-enabled resources.Benivo was established seven years ago and now employs 70 people from its UK headquarters. Its technology innovation is making a positive impact on employee experience at low cost, enhancing the experience of mobile talent by an impressive 50% when measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS).Importantly for mobility and engagement, the NPS is not only a measure of customer experience and a predictor of business growth, but also the likelihood of someone recommending a service. This is critical where companies struggle to get talent on the move. It is a testament to how Benivo is successfully delivering engagement through mobility to help employers meet business objectives via their people.

An Engaging Portal to Solving Practical Problems 

The judges commended how Benivo’s “user-friendly, eye-catching and dynamic” platform sets out to resolve the very real challenges of stress, uncertainty and information overload assignees often report during the assignment lifecycle.The service works in the same way as platforms like Netflix. Its online resources are designed, constantly refined and available so assignees can focus on their new job and home life rather than on the chore of relocation.Benivo customises and curates information based on where a relocatee is going, their profile and previous choices. It also incorporates social insights shared by work colleagues who have already been transferred to that location.This approach is helping transferees fact-find about their new location, organise home rentals and visualise
their new commute in an enjoyable way, which speeds up the relocation journey and helps people transition to host locations quickly.After the demo used as part of the Relocate Global Award shortlisting process, judge Hannah Stewart said, “This was a really good demo showing clearly how user-friendly the system is and the benefits it brings. I really like the customisation and feedback from colleagues.” Transferees and employers also appreciate Benivo’s approach. “This service has taken a lot of stress off my head and has helped me a lot, very useful,” said one in the testimonials.Benivo further reduces anxiety and pre-departure uncertainty by helping assignees with their cash flow, offering interest-free off-payroll cash advancement in host currencies for financing first-month rent and deposits. In some cases, PayLater means the difference between a transfer taking place at all. “The PayLater scheme is a blessing,” commented one user in the testimonials. “I wouldn’t have been able to relocate without it.”

Establishing Mobility Within Company Culture 

For employers, Benivo works because employees get targeted support via an employer-branded platform, plus consistent relocation and settling-in support for all move types and destinations. Its engaging approach to relocation also addresses the challenge many companies face of getting employees to go on assignments of any length.Candidate feedback shows people appreciate Benivo’s dynamic appealingly presented platform and relevant information, including a branded welcome pack. These are reducing pre-departure attrition rates and positively supporting candidate experience, evidenced by the impressive NPS.Overall, this prize-winning approach is helping to propel Benivo’s significant growth in recent years, while maintaining high levels of loyalty (92%) among its existing roster of clients.Collecting the award, Nitzan Yudan, CEO of Benivo, said, “We are super excited to receive this Relocate Award. It is very rewarding to get this recognition after all the work we have put into developing the platform. The work is done by a team of 70, in the UK and Armenia, who worked hard to make it happen. I am extremely proud of them.”

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