Five reasons to attend the Festival of Global Mobility Thinking

Join us in London on the 11 May to experience a unique interactive conference where you can network, share ideas and take part in roundtable discussions with other leaders in the mobility industry.

Interactive gathering of business people
Businesses face a “perfect storm” of Brexit, globalisation, rapid technological change, competitive pressure and increased demands from employees and customers.In this challenging and uncertain world, how can your company navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving and increasingly globalised business landscape? Join us for our Festival of Global Mobility Thinking, which will celebrate all that is new, progressive and forward-looking in the international business landscape.

Key themes of this innovative and collaborative conference include: 

  1. How can organisations become more agile?
  2. How can increasing diversity make your business brand more attractive and more successful?
  3. What role will virtual reality, technology and connectedness play in recruiting, retaining and managing staff at home and on assignments overseas?
  4. What skills and mindset will enable you to rise to the challenge of this new and uncertain world?
  5. How can you grow as an individual and as an organisation and respond to change?

Identifying leadership skills in a global economy

This ground-breaking conference includes a unique opportunity to analyse your personal skills and identify areas of strength and weakness in an interactive leadership session.Run by Phyllida Hancock of Leadership Development organisation; Olivier Mythodrama, the keynote, Transformational Leadership, will look at the qualities needed to thrive and survive in different business environments, and how to develop your own personal skills as a leader fit for this new world.Based on a deep understanding of the dynamics of organisational development, and the role of individuals within companies, Olivier Mythodrama will challenge you to look again at the potential within you and your organisation. 
The interactive element means that the keynote can yield striking and immediate results, and help you rethink the way you prepare for the future.There will also be the exclusive opportunity for a group of delegates to join Phyllida for the remainder of the morning, in a breakout workshop session, to explore leaderships themes in more depth.

A forum for challenging discussion and thought-provoking debate 

This year's agenda will feature an impressive line-up of speakers and panellists, including:Join us for an opportunity to hear the most forward-thinking experts in the industry, share ideas, network and exchange case studies of innovative thinking and best practice, and enhance your skills as a leader.

Why you can't afford to miss the Festival of Global Mobility Thinking

Phyllida Hancock, Olivier Mythodrama

Transformational leadership – experiential session inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest ­ 

Dr Linda Holbeche, Author – The Agile Organisation

Linda will look at the need for organisations to become more agile and find ways to increase diversity.“The biggest challenge around this is changing mindset and skill set,” she says. “It’s about businesses being willing to shift out of their current silo thinking, and consider mobile working, virtual working and virtual teams, bringing together the best people wherever they are in the world.”Skill sets are going to have to change, she says, not just in terms of digital skills but the ability to make decisions quickly, but effectively and in the long-term interest of the business.“Agile firms need to be able to work across boundaries, bringing together teams of people from across the world.”

Prof Dr Dimitry Kochenov – Quality of Nationalities and Citizenship

Prof Kochenov will present the latest findings from the new Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) 3rd Edition 2017. The QNI study, now in its third year, looks at a range of factors when assessing the quality of nationality and the benefits of holding a passport from a particular state.As a result, the third edition, updated with 2017 data, provides a detailed analysis of contemporary trends in citizenship and migration regulation worldwide.“Europe remains the undisputed global leader in terms of nationality quality, and emerging economies would need an entire century of unchecked success to unseat it from this position,” he says. “Accordingly, any loss will be felt much more acutely by an increasingly isolated Britain in the case of a hard Brexit.”He will be discussing the findings of the report, the implications for the UK post-Brexit, and the relative qualities of nationalities around the globe.Dr Kochenov will be joined by a panel of immigration experts, lawyers and in-house mobility experts and the Permits Foundation. The panel will be moving forward the debate on immigration and visas which is so critical to employers needing to move talent to take up international assignments or for business travel.

Industry 4.0 – The impact on Global Mobility – Deloitte Global Workforce  

In this session the Deloitte Global Workforce team will provide their perspectives on the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and its impact on global mobility.  They will illustrate how the advent of digital accelerators, combined with a focus on employee experience, is driving the future of mobility; changing the ways in which organisations identify, manage, measure and engage with their talent. Danny Taggart, a Director in Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) practice, says, “During this session we will investigate how forward-thinking mobility teams are using data insight, digital technology and design thinking to shift from purely managing risk to creating strategic value.” How can organisations monitor the health and wellbeing of staff on assignment, and how can virtual reality help employees to make decisions about relocation even before they go on a “look and see” trip?The Deloitte session will be a followed by an opportunity to experience some of the digital technologies covered in the discussion.

Diversity, inclusion and talent

Experts from the fields of diversity will present case studies of best practice, including Dr Susan Shortland, Professor Emerita, London Metropolitan University, Michael Grover, senior associate, Mercer’s Career Practice, and Andy Piacentini, co-founder of The Res Forum. Fiona Murchie, managing editor, Relocate Global, will lead the panel discussion.Dr Susan Shortland says diversity has become more recognised as issue that needs to be addressed within the global market.“This encompasses not just gender diversity but also race, religion, LGBT. A lot of employers are switched on to LGBT because of fears over risk and security, but they have perhaps not looked in detail about the issues around ethnicity and religion,” she says.“In the discussions I hope employers will come forward with ideas on how we can be creative around diversity and suggest some steps that can be taken.There is a business case for having different types of people working for an organisation because this diversity better represents the customers of the company, and can be good for the bottom line.”

Bright Sparks – Future proofing students

Journalist Ledetta Asfa-Wossen from Relocate Global will be interviewing a panel of experts on how we prepare young people for 2030 and beyond. Participants include Kieran Earley, CEO and principal of The British School in The Netherlands.For related news and features, visit our Mobility Industry section. Find out more about our upcoming Relocate AwardsRelocate’s new Global Mobility Toolkit provides free information, practical advice and support for HR, global mobility managers and global teams operating overseas.Global Mobility Toolkit download factsheets resource centreAccess hundreds of global services and suppliers in our Online DirectoryClick to get to the Relocate Global Online Directory 

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