Prioritising customer engagement in the mobility industry

Steve Black, Co-Founder of MOVE Guides talks with Relocate Global about customer engagement at Relocate Global's International Networking Reception.

The following is a transcript of an interview with MOVE Guides co-founder, Steve Black, at the annual Relocate International Networking Reception, held at the Institute of Directors in February 2018. Click on the image above to watch a video of the full interview.

Engaging with customers in the global mobility sector

“Customer engagement is absolutely a top priority for us – and for any business that’s going to be successful. The difference in the mobility space is I actually think about customers in three dimensions.  “There are obviously the mobility teams, organisations that are buying software and technology. “There are also the relocating individuals. If something goes wrong they’re the first to flag it and ultimately, at the end of the day, with the best technology, you’re only as good as the service delivery that you put behind it.  “The other piece is the employees within our business. In order to deliver a great relocation experience and exceptional technology, we have to have employees that are passionate about what we do, passionate about coming to work every day – so it’s that sort of triangle of customers, as I think about all those groups that are really critical to success. It’s critical to keep all of those groups really happy day in and day out.”
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