An international school implemented within a nursing home

Five years ago, a nursing home decided to welcome a school on its premises. What happened next?

three children walking to school
The wholesome project undertaken by Ma Kindy, the first international bilingual school in French spoken country: Reunion Island.

Sharing everyday life together

Five years ago, Ma Kindy opened the doors of its school in a lovely senior residence on Reunion Island, transmitting in its concept the same values of their host country: Réunion island- the spirit of living together.

By mixing the oldest with the youngest, the school has ensured the transmission of these so important values: by learning from one another, creating strong bonds between children and the residents and also providing a healthy learning environment for the children.

The collaboration between the two institutions aims to offer to the elderly the opportunity to participate in the school’s everyday life: workshops, gardening, theatre, reading time, birthdays… and for the children: self-regulation, listening skills, caring skills and being open-minded, having an audience and attention that encourages them to give 100% in their activities.

It participates in creating a more open-minded generation, eager to reach out to others regardless of their differences.

Breaking the routine

On top of implementing an international program and welcoming French students into a full English immersion.

This mixed generation structure has ended up being a real asset for everyone.

The school helps to break down this idea of a bleak place that senior residences have.Beyond the happiness that is taking place within the structure, the non-medicinal benefits of young children for residents with Alzheimer's disease, for example, are very encouraging.

The children can break the routine of the older ones by teaching them how to recognize colours, cut, paste and more and on the other side, the seniors can work on their memory by sharing their history, knowledge and culture with the little ones.

Moreover, on top of developing literacy and numeracy skills, these sharing moments provide to the children a real sensitivity to their elders and intergenerationality teaches them kindness and solidarity, with others and accepting and respecting difference, fundamental qualities aligned with the objectives of their curriculum and so much needed attitudes for our next generation.

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