EU Settlement Scheme passes three million

While more than three million EU nationals have already signed up for the EU Settlement Scheme, the government is encouraging those who have not yet registered under the Settlement Scheme, to do so.

EU Settlement Scheme passes three million mark
More than three million European Union (EU) nationals living in the UK have now applied to remain permanently in the country under the EU Settlement Scheme, the government announced on Thursday.Less than a year after the full rollout of the scheme, more than 2.7 million people have already been granted the status that will enable them to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021.Almost a million of the applications have come from people living in London. Nobody is sure exactly how many EU nationals are in the country, with most estimates putting the figure between 3.4-3.7 million.

Registering for the EU Settlement Scheme

Applicants need to register only three things under the scheme: proof of identity, proof of residency in the UK and a declaration of any criminal convictions.Home Secretary Priti Patel says, "I’m delighted that there have already been more than three million applications to the hugely successful EU Settlement Scheme. It’s the biggest scheme of its kind in British history and means that EU citizens can evidence their rights for decades to come."Ms Patel adds that it is now time for EU countries to adopt similar schemes to guarantee the rights after the Brexit transition period of more than a million UK citizens living on the continent.
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Next week, the government will launch a new, £3.75 million advertising programme to encourage those who have not yet registered under the Settlement Scheme, to do so. Advertisements will appear on catch-up TV, radio, online and social media over the coming weeks, with some also in Polish, Romanian, Italian, Lithuanian and Portuguese newspapers.Security Minister Brandon Lewis says, "EU citizens are an integral part of our society, culture and community, and this is their home. I encourage everyone yet to apply to do so today and join the three million."The Home Office said the highest number of applications processed in one month was in October 2019 when more than 400,000 people secured their status under UK law. Home Office caseworkers have been processing up to 20,000 applications a day.

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