Taunton School makes a national splash

Two swimmers from Taunton Prep School won gold medals in a national swimming competition. Their achievements reflected overall team success, with the school taking final medal positions in five categories.

JJ and James swimmers
JJ and James, students at Taunton Prep School, both prevailed in the IAPS national swimming finals. JJ took gold in the U10 25m breaststroke and James the gold in the U10 25m butterfly.Taunton Prep School, which offers scholarships for sports swimming, also took home silver medals in the boys’ U10 x 25m medley relay, boys' U11 50m breaststroke and girls’ U12 4 x 25m medley relay.
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James, who has been swimming since he was three months old, said, “It feels really good to win and make my family proud. I hope to do lots more competitions and win lots of medals. Swimming just comes naturally to me and I enjoy it.”JJ, who also won a national triathlon title this year, said: “I have always wanted to do this competition and Taunton School definitely helped me get there because I have support and lots of time in the pool.”Both boys train 16 hours a week and hope to compete in the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane. Shaun Winsor, Head of Sport at Taunton Prep School, said: “We are incredibly proud of JJ and James. They’re an inspiration to other children as they’ve show that with passion, hard work and dedication you can be the best you can be.”

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