'Fierce' competition for talent in tech and finance

Glassdoor, the global jobs website, has published a new study that identified the highest-paying UK employers. Which companies top the list?

Photo of pound coins illustrating an article about the jobs with the highest salaries in the UK
The companies offering the highest pay in the UK are in the finance and tech sectors, offering annual median salaries and bonuses of up to £90,000, according to new study by the global jobs website Glassdoor.John Lamphiere, Glassdoor's EMEA managing director, said the high pay in the two sectors was not surprising as both had to compete "fiercely" for talent."Salary is a key piece of information that UK workers and job seekers want when researching jobs, yet this data is often frustratingly absent from job listings," said Glassdoor. "To help job-seekers for whom money is king, Glassdoor - one of the world's largest job and recruiting sites - today announced its salary report identifying the 25 highest paying companies in the UK for 2019."

Credit Suisse and SAP: the highest-paying UK companies with £90,000 median total compensation package

Thursday's report revealed that the UK's two highest paying companies offering staff £90,000 as a median total compensation package, including bonuses, were financial services firm Credit Suisse and software company SAP.These were followed by Deutsche Bank (£89,500), Facebook (£89,000) and Standard Chartered (£85,000), which has its global HQ in the UK along with other high payers such as Just Eat and Babylon Health."It is no surprise that multinational tech and finance firms dominate the list, given that both industries compete fiercely for talent, especially when it comes to tech roles," said Mr Lamphiere.
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"While salary and bonuses might get people in the door, it is more likely to be culture and career progression that help people stick around in the long term."Salary is a key driver for many job seekers so we have made it easy for people to find out which employers are offering the most money. Glassdoor also offers people the opportunity to look up salaries for specific job titles and companies to help them better understand what is fair market value for their role."

The 25 highest paying companies in the UK according to Glassdoor (median total compensation - median base salary): 

  1. Credit Suisse (£90,000 - £82,000) 
  2. SAP (£90,000 - £66,000) 
  3. Deutsche Bank (£89,500 - £80,000) 
  4. Facebook (£89,000 - £74,000) 
  5. Standard Chartered (£85,000 - £76,000) 
  6. Salesforce (£85,000 - £66,806)
  7. Dell (£84,825 - £62,500)
  8. Oracle (£80,000 - £66,250)
  9. UBS (£79,000 - £75,000)
  10. Google (£78,000 - £62,500)
  11. Goldman Sachs (£74,000 - £58,000)
  12. Cisco Systems (£72,250 - £59,000)
  13. McKinsey & Company (£70,000 - £65,000)
  14. Bank of America (£70,000 - £64,500)
  15. Microsoft (£68,000 - £61,300)
  16. Investec (£67,500 - £62,500)
  17. Just Eat (£66,500 - £62,500)
  18. Société Générale (£66,500 - £61,000)
  19. Babylon Health (£65,000 - £65,000)
  20. BlackRock (£65,000 - £57,000)
  21. Morgan Stanley (£64,000 - £55,500)
  22. Veritas (£62,500 - £60,400)
  23. Rackspace (£62,500 - £58,950)
  24. Octopus (£61,500 - £49,000)
  25. Bloomberg LP (£61,000 - £58,000) 

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