Behind the scenes at the Relocate Awards – a hybrid first

Discover why this award ceremony was an industry first, as both a ground-breaking awards event and leading the way in the global mobility sector. Fiona Murchie spoke to Awards' Host, Jayne Constantinis, experienced television presenter, and Leigh Emerson of the video production team about what made it so special.

Leigh Emmerson filming the Relocate Awards
Relocate Awards Supplement
This article is taken from the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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“Hosting this year’s awards was very special for me for a number of reasons. Having spent a year in my home offi ce, it was wonderful to be face to face with people again. I know that everyone who attended felt the same and that gave the event a heightened air of celebration. The location was glorious – so beautiful and uplifting. We felt privileged to be in such a stunning place. And, at a moment in the global pandemic when we are daring to feel optimistic, it felt appropriate to be celebrating the amazing work of so many global organisations. They have done incredible things over the past year and they deserve recognition for that. All in all I was delighted to be part of the awards so thank you to Fiona and the team for asking me to be involved.”Jayne Constantinis, Awards host

What were the biggest challenges making the video?

I think the biggest challenge was how to create this new type of ceremony. We were breaking new ground with something that had an in-person element but also had people joining virtually and how to present that required some thinking. The other challenge was the weather! Thankfully we didn’t have much rain but we had to deal with the sun constantly going in and out, which made filming a real challenge!

How successful were we in capturing the spirit of a truly global event?

One of the things we always try and do is highlight where everybody is in the world so viewers can really get a handle on how international the ceremony is. I think this, along with just the breadth of contributors and their video backgrounds, made the video have a truly global feel.

What makes an authentic video?

The key to an authentic video is it not being scripted. This year we Zoomed some of our virtual participants so Jayne was actually chatting to them rather than them just talking at a camera. That enables us to get real reactions. We also try to get contributors’ genuine reactions when we interview them and try not to let them think too much about what they’re going to say. That way you get the real human response rather than a pre-packaged dialogue.

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