Record numbers of US students chose to study in UK

Record numbers of US students are embarking on undergraduate study at UK universities according to recent figures.

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The latest university entrance data shows that record numbers of US students are studying at UK universities.The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is reporting a record 4,555 US students studied at British universities at the first degree level in 2013-14, marking an approximate five per cent increase over the previous year.Fuelling this growth spurt is the apparent stepping up of recruitment of US students in recent years by UK universities and higher education institutions. Twelve institutions are now members of the Common Application, a US university application system, which, according to the British Council, makes it easier for Americans to submit applications for undergraduate study.Four of these universities are Scottish, including St Andrews which hosted the most number of Americans in 2013-14. Scottish universities overall have witnessed a 22 per cent increase in their US student intake over recent years.The news of an increase in US students pursuing UK study comes in the wake of a recent report that showed a 10 year high of UK students studying in the US, with a record breaking 10,191 UK students completing their studies in the US in 2013-14.Penny Egan CBE, Executive Director, US-UK Fulbright Commission, said, “As a bi-national organisation, we are of course pleased to see the feeling is mutual and more students pursuing educational exchange between the US and UK. This newly released data shows that the world-class education available in the UK is still a huge draw to international students, in particular Americans.”Key factors drawing US students to the UK are the strong reputation of the British higher education system, the shorter length of the degrees and increased competitiveness on the job market. Additionally, unlike their British peers, American students are able to use their US government loans to complete full degrees abroad, when scholarships are not available.

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