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In March 2023, Think Global People held its annual events to mark International Women’s Day. The theme this year is embrace equity.’ With international exposure a core competency for progressing senior careers, the need to embrace equity – with intentionality – in our global community of thought leaders across international management, global mobility and education has great resonance if we are to increase the rate at which gender parity at board and executive level is achieved.

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Both our events aligned completely with Think Global People’s purpose of supporting ambitious individuals and organisations to grow, and ensure companies and people achieve their potential.

Our keynote speakers, retired NASA and ISSET’s Sarah Murray, and 100 Women @Davos leader, Dr Anino Emuwa, are perfect examples of the qualities, skills and vision needed to progress, as well as hold out a hand to the next generation of female leaders coming through. You can find out more about each of these outstanding women in our videos and editorial  on the Think Global People and Relocate Global websites, as well as in the following pages highlighting our Outstanding Global Women.

We were also delighted to have with us at the Institute of Directors over half of the truly inspirational women we have profiled for this, part one, of our series celebrating 40 Outstanding Global Women this year. By sharing individual stories of how they came to be influencing policy, practice, their teams and others, these 40 leading women shine a light on what it takes to embrace equity, lead with purpose and intent, and carve your own fulfilling career path – including the pleasures and pitfalls of doing so – and very often, against the odds.

We are also looking forward to hearing their voices and yours again over the coming year as part of Think Global People’s ‘Think Women’ network. We invite you to join us at our events and activities in this unique community. It offers everyone the opportunity to input and collaborate on actions to accelerate equity across all aspects of the diversity and inclusion spectrum as they relate to our international network of leaders working in a global landscape, global mobility, education and L&D.

The experiences of women in the following profiles offer a fantastic starting point for the journey we can take together as individuals and as a collective to embrace equity. Each woman profiled reflects the wealth of worldbeating talent and depth of determination present in our overlapping and mutually supportive sectors, examples which can be shared more extensively across the international management context through our new website thinkglobalpeople.com.

We hope you enjoy reading about these outstanding and inspiring women as much as we have meeting, talking to and writing about them.

Fiona Murchie, Founder & Managing Editor

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