Hybrid working ramping up IT skills shortages

Latest analysis from Genesis10, a US IT recruiter, details the top 10 most in demand IT jobs, and highlights how remote working is impacting skills supply and demand to create a truly global war for tech talent.

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With the US and UK job markets buoyant, remote working is one way companies are accessing a larger recruitment pool and retaining staff, particularly those who want to work across borders.However, data from Genesis10 suggests that hybrid working is changing the of balance of skills supply and demand, as well as creating retention issues.
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Supply tightening with remote working

The recruiter says that increased demand for IT talent is putting greater pressure on the supply of IT candidates, with candidates often receiving multiple job offers within weeks.This much higher demand for people with IT skills also means employees are often being aggressively recruited by companies in other geographical markets.

Remote working and talent attraction

The recruiter further points out that companies who have not shifted to a remote-work environment have a much smaller talent pool to select from and are at a big disadvantage.Most IT candidates who worked remotely during the pandemic prefer to continue that way. Yet companies that offer 90% work-remote with 10% in the office still only have access to a smaller talent pool because candidates can mostly only look in their local geography.

IT jobs most in demand (salary is US$)

        1       Software Engineer - $125K-$155K        2       DevOps Engineer - $130K-$160        3       Cloud Engineer - $125K-$175K        4       Data Professional (Scientists, Engineer, Analysts) - $135K-$175K        5       Security Analyst- $140K-$165K        6       Automation Engineer - $135K-$170K        7       Product Manager -$125K-$155K        8       AI Engineer- $145K-$175K        9       Technology Recruiter -$75K-$115K        10      Scrum Master- $115K-$145K

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