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Winner of the 2022 Think Global People for Best Leadership, Research, Thought Leadership or Book: Santa Fe Relocation
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This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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Many organisations produce interesting insights and data across the Global Mobility sector. However, few can claim to have the sustained quality, rigour and relevance of Santa Fe Relocation’s research and analysis.
“The quality of the data means it has become the ‘go-to’ source for benchmarking issues in the global mobility industry”
The results of their annual survey cycles are eagerly awaited by HR Global Mobility professionals, HR, international managers, service providers and academia. Their depth and comprehensiveness, coupled with the generosity of the company in making its findings and expertise accessible online and in webinars, benefit everyone and bring out the best in the sector in a spirit of collaboration and mutual benefit.

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Along with whitepapers, Santa Fe Relocation’s Research team produced two significant reports in 2021/22. The first was 10/10: Ten key trends from the last ten years, a fascinating Executive Summary of a decade of its independent survey research, capturing the perspectives of 10,226 Global Mobility/HR professionals and 296 business leaders on the timely issues of transformation, talent and risk.The second was its Annual 2021/22 Global Mobility Survey Report: REDEFINE. This looks at transformation, talent and risk considerations for a post-pandemic world. Importantly, it also addresses the rise in remote cross-border working that has extended Global Mobility’s reach across the workforce at large.Santa Fe Relocation makes its research widely available, enabling organisations to benefit and develop their own policies and practices. Survey findings also feed into discussions with clients so businesses and organisations can better understand the opportunities for optimising service models and key decisions. The research programme is therefore making a real difference, supporting corporate growth and improving the career development experiences of global people on the move and their families.

The ‘go-to’ source of insight

Explaining why Santa Fe Relocation won the accolade, the judges said: “Santa Fe Relocation is no doubt committed to research and disseminating its findings across the global mobility industry. The quality of the data means that it has become the ‘go-to’ source for benchmarking issues to do with trends, developments and best practice in the Global Mobility industry. The webinars are excellent and provide opportunities for dissemination of information as well as discussion.”Dr Sue Shortland, Head Judge, added, “I think the most impressive thing about this research is that it is freely available. It clearly takes a huge amount of time and effort to produce data of this quality.“The team who produce it are very conscious of the needs of the Global Mobility industry and the report sets out information that is of considerable benefit in terms of best practice and benchmarking. The spotlight on equality, diversity and inclusion as well as on wellness and duty of care is particularly relevant at this time.”On Santa Fe Relocation’s award success, John Rason, Group Head of Consulting, said, “It’s the third year we’ve won a Relocate Think Global People Award, which is something I’m so proud of. It really enables us to demonstrate to our customer base that it’s a combination of operational delivery and thought leadership we bring.“But it’s not just for our customers. We like to think we are doing it for the industry as well. It’s about how can we raise the standards in education as well as relocation so as an industry we thrive and are sustainable.”
The award was collected by John Rason, Head of Santa Fe Group Consulting Services.
The award was collected by John Rason, Head of Santa Fe Group Consulting Services.Visit the Santa Fe website
Santa Fe Relocation

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