2019 International Baccalaureate results

The latest results of the International Baccalaureate (IB) provide rankings for top educational establishments around the world.

young students celebrating IB results
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a broad, internationally recognised qualification that lends itself to continuing in higher education at universities worldwide. Owing to its transferable curriculum internationally, it is a popular choice for globally mobile families.UCAS released the IB paper results for the May 2019 examinations on Friday 5 July so now is the time to consider which IB international school is right for your child to ensure they get the best education possible, often during a period of uncertainty following a family relocation. Relocate publishes an annual Guide to International Education & Schools, which covers in-depth information on education around the world, including expert advice for those relocating and the professionals supporting them. The Guide to Education & Schools in the UK also covers the IB and the range of private and international schools offering the IB, as well as a number of state schools, in the 6th Form. The 2018/19 editions are available now, with the 2019/2020 editions coming soon for the new academic year.  

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Find out more about the IB DP and how it compares to A levels in the Relocate Guide to International Education & Schools.



Schools in Focus 

Relocate works closely with a number of prestigious international schools that have an excellent track record with IB results. They provide comment and editorial throughout the year on the website and in the quarterly Relocate magazine. The following schools have published their IB results and would welcome enquiries from relocating families.

ACS International School Cobham

This month, 71 students from ACS International School Cobham received their final IB Diploma results, allowing them to accept a range of offers to attend world-class universities in the UK, US and around the world.16% of ACS Cobham students were awarded 38 points or above, equivalent to 236 UCAS points. To put this into perspective, 3 A* grades at A level are worth 168 UCAS points.GIESF-in-text-bannerBarnaby Sandow, incoming Head of School at ACS Cobham, commented, “I’m extremely impressed by the hard work, commitment and perseverance that every student has shown this year. They have been superb role models for everyone within the school community and their achievements are inspiring. I know that they will all go on to great things and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.”Nearly a quarter of the 2019 class completed bilingual diplomas with native-level language and literature courses and many of the ACS Cobham leavers will be going on to study at leading universities.Bethan Holloway-Strong, who received an offer from Cambridge University to read English Literature, said, “Being at ACS has prepared me for university because of the opportunity to take the IB. I knew that the fast-paced, one-year AP courses didn’t suit me and A levels didn’t offer me a broad enough range of subjects, so the IB was the perfect opportunity for me to explore what I liked and decide with confidence what I wanted to study at university.”

ACS International School Egham

More than a third of ACS International School Egham students were awarded 38 points or above, equivalent to 236 UCAS points this year – which compares to more than four A* grades at A level.Jeremy Lewis, Head of School at ACS Egham, commented, “This year’s results are a true testament to all of the students’ hard work over the last two years, as well as the dedication of the faculty to help them succeed. As well as studying six subjects, IB students also have additional requirements to complete to obtain the full IB Diploma.“This includes the Extended Essay, an independent research project; Community Action and Service, where students volunteer in the community; and Theory of Knowledge, which helps students apply their knowledge across different situations.”17% of the 2019 class completed bilingual diplomas, reinforcing the international mindset of the IB, and the school’s top grade this year was an impressive 42/45.“It is a very demanding but highly rewarding programme, which I know will stand every student in good stead as they prepare for their next adventure, wherever that may be,” added Jeremy. “I cannot wait to hear what the future has in store for every new graduate.”

ACS International School Hillingdon

ACS International School Hillingdon’s Class of 2019 achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate this year, with an average score of 31 points, which is equivalent to 180 UCAS points; 9% of 2019 students from ACS Hillingdon were awarded 38 points or above.Martin Hall, Head of School at ACS Hillingdon, commented, “Our students have achieved incredible results, through a sustained period of hard work and commitment. It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with and teaching our leaving class of 2019.“The results achieved are a reflection of the students’ commitment to their IB studies, the teamwork between school leavers and teachers and their enduring positive attitude. I wish each of our new graduates the best of luck in their next chapters.”Nearly a quarter (23%) of this year’s graduating class completed bilingual diplomas, and the highest examination score was 39/45.Alexandra, IB Diploma student and 2019 ACS graduate, commented, “The IB was vital in my preparation for university honing my time management and communication skills.”

American School of the Hague (ASH)

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! American School of The Hague students have once again achieved excellent results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Our graduating class posted outstanding scores earning a 94.7% pass rate. 
Known for its academic rigour and range, the IB Diploma Programme has been on offer at American School of The Hague since 1995. In 2019, 55 of 58 candidates successfully earned the full IB Diploma averaging a respectable 34.5 points overall, as compared to the worldwide average of 30, with the highest score attained at 44 points out of 45 possible. 
These outstanding scores are a testament to our student commitment and faculty dedication across all subject areas within the IB DP at ASH. Congratulations to our students and we wish them all the best as they prepare to join many of the finest universities around the world, including University of Vancouver (BC), Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Technische Universiteit Delft.

American School of Paris

The American School of Paris is pleased to announce our IB Diploma exam results for the Class of 2019.

90% of our students scored 30 points or higher, compared to 67% worldwide. 16% of our students scored 40 points or higher, compared to 10% worldwide. 42% of our students qualified for Bilingual Diplomas, compared to 23% worldwide. Finally, the average score for the American School of Paris students was 34 points, compared to the 30-point global average.

Bangkok Patana School

Bangkok Patana School had reason to celebrate as three IB students out of 123 scored a perfect 45 – this out of 278 worldwide; an amazing feat for a non-academically selective school. Bangkok Patana students outperformed the global average with five per cent scoring 43 or higher, compared to 3% around the world and 14% scoring 40 or higher, surpassing the global average of 10%. The school had an excellent pass rate of 97% compared to 78% globally while the average total points were an outstanding 34, much higher than the world average of 30. Bangkok Patana continues its path of excellence with strong IB results for its graduating cohort combined with acceptances to leading global universities.

Bavarian International School gAG (BIS)

The largest graduating class in the 28-year history of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) has earned top IB Diploma results, affirming the educational excellence of the private school with campuses in Haimhausen and Munich City (Leopoldstrasse). The Class of 2019 was made up of 84 students from 25 nations, 78 of whom graduated with the International Baccalaureate Organization’s coveted IB Diploma. The 34.3 average points of the BIS graduating class is approximately five points above the global average of 29.7.
Eleven BIS pupils scored 40 points or more out of a possible maximum of 45 points, a 4% increase in top scores over last year. Results of 40 and above correspond to a final grade of 1.3 or better in the German school system. An impressive 40 of the 78 IB graduates (51.3 per cent) achieved the 'Bilingual Diploma', awarded to students who have successfully completed two language courses at level A (Language and Literature). The success rate of BIS students graduating from the IB Diploma Programme was 94% again this year (77.40 per cent worldwide). An IB Diploma can provide the ticket to the best universities in the world, including those in Germany.Dr Chrissie Sorenson, School Director and Executive Board of Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) said, "We are incredibly proud of our students, and owe a huge thank you to our entire teaching team. Our philosophy is not primarily about grades, but about the overall development of each child and the individual approach to each character. Our focus is on motivating each student to learn independently and to continue learning throughout their lives. At BIS, around 1,200 students from 52 nations are united by an intercultural spirit and guided by the motto 'Believe. Inspire. Succeed'.
"We provide our students with the intellectual, social, emotional, and most importantly, with the critical perspectives they will need as adults in a global, technological world. They will be equipped to solve the challenges of the future and make the world a better place."

The British School of Brussels (BSB)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students at The British School of Brussels (BSB) have achieved outstanding results, yet again.“I'm so proud of all of our IB Diploma students and the great results that they have achieved through their dedication and hard work. Our IB Diploma average points score continues to be outstanding and has been between 35-37 points consistently for the last four years, compared to a worldwide average of below 30 points,” said John Knight, Vice Principal & Head of Secondary School.“Around half of our students achieved a score of 36 points or higher, which is a wonderful accomplishment compared to 27 per cent of students worldwide achieving this prestigious score,” John said.Principal, Melanie Warnes said, "I am delighted with these results. Our students continue to excel on this challenging programme, enabling them to go on and receive offers from prestigious universities across the world. Congratulations to all of our IB Diploma students; marking another very successful year for BSB."

The British School of Milan (BSM)

The British School of Milan is proud to announce excellent IB Results for its students. It extends its warmest congratulations to its Year 13 class on their excellent results in the 2019 IB Diploma. A 100% pass rate with its top 20 students' average standing at just under 40 points. Students gained places at Oxford University, Durham University, The London School of Economics, Edinburgh, University College London, King's College London, Warwick and Medicine at Aberdeen. Students also achieved places for Medicine at Humanitas in Milan, Dentistry in Madrid, at the University of Toronto, Bocconi, and the University of Rotterdam.   It is with great pride that the school wishes its students - now BSM alumni - every success at university and beyond.  

The British School Warsaw

The entire school community at The British School Warsaw are proud of the impressive results its students have achieved in this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).For the 2018/19 academic school year, The British School Warsaw achieved a pass rate of 93% this year; up 5% on last year. The average score was 33 diploma points, a clear 3 points higher than the IB global average of 30, widening the gap between the school and other IB schools around the world. This result also showcases the difference that Nord Anglia Education schools bring to students’ academic results.“Yet again I am delighted to report a stellar set of IB results this summer. Every child should be congratulated for what they have achieved and our world-class teaching staff need recognising for their part in this success. I am hugely proud of our top student Christian, scoring a perfect 45 (one of less than 250 students globally to achieve this) and wish him well with his studies at Yale University. Both our Head Boy and Head Girl have led the school admirably this last year and have demonstrated that their busy leadership roles can be married with academic success and we wish them both well as they begin their studies at UCL, London and NYU, Abu Dhabi- two world-class universities. Also notable is our 93% pass rate which is 5 clear points better than last year- well done all!” Alun Yorath, principal of The British School Warsaw said.Congratulations to also other top-performing students including Ignacy Drzewiecki (43 points) holding offers from both Durham and Kings College London to read Law. Witold Zaraska (42 points) who has accepted an offer to study Management at the London School of Economics and Quentin Heddesheimer (40 points) who has accepted and offer with University College London to read Law with French Law.“Year after year, I am so proud of our Nord Anglia students who — through their dedication — achieve results that exceed global averages for the IB Diploma,” said Andy Puttock, Group Education Director, Nord Anglia Education.“This year’s results powerfully show how our students benefit from world-leading teachers who go beyond traditional education to inspire them toward success,” he said. “I’m proud of what our IB-offering schools have achieved this academic year and wish our graduating seniors a fantastic summer as they begin preparing for life after leaving their Nord Anglia school.”

Cobham Hall, Kent

Cobham Hall is celebrating a 100% International Baccalaureate Diploma pass rate. Its Year 13 girls achieved an average Diploma score of 33.7. In addition, the percentage of grades 5-7 was 85.6. We’re delighted that scores of 5-7 were achieved in Higher Level English, Higher Level History, Higher Level Biology, Higher Level Film and Higher Level Music.   Headmistress Ms Roberts congratulated the girls saying, “The girls have worked incredibly hard during the course of their Diploma and we are delighted to see a 100% pass rate.”   This will be Cobham Hall’s final set of IB Diploma results as the School fully switches over to an exciting new A Level Programme. The School’s Sixth Form package moving forward places greater emphasis on a skills-based education, with Global Critical Thinking, the Extended Project Qualification and Service or The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award all taking a place within the timetable.    

Felsted School, Essex

Felsted is delighted to announce continued strong performance in the IB Diploma Programme. Felsted once again achieved a 100% pass rate and maintained our three-year average of 34 points, five points above the world average. Across all 174 individual subjects taken by the 29 students, more than three-quarters of results were a Level 5 or better; this is seen as equivalent to a B grade at A level. 43 per cent of examinations were awarded a Level 6 or 7, equivalent to an A or A* at A level. Five students secured 38 points or more, placing them in the top 10% of students globally.

Headmaster Chris Townsend commented, “There are many outstanding results among this excellent group of students. The IB is a very demanding, but hugely rewarding course that encourages those that study it to become academically inquisitive, socially aware, and globally literate. Thanks to these results, the students are well prepared for highly successful university careers. Thanks to the ethos and breadth of their education, they are well prepared to go out into the world and make a real difference. I would like to congratulate all the students and wish them every success in their futures.”

Fettes College, Edinburgh

The 2019 IB Diploma results, released on Saturday 6th July, brought excellent news for the 40 members of the Fettes Upper Sixth Form who for the past two years have been following the IB pathway. The IB is flourishing at Fettes and the cohort scored an impressive average score of 36.7 points. 12 candidates (30%) gained 40 points or more, while 40% of the candidates gained or exceeded a score of 38 points. 80% of the cohort gained a score of 35 points or more. One pupil deserves special mention for achieving a total of 45 points. At Higher Level, 69% of all grades were a 7 or a 6, whilst the equivalent figure at Standard Level was 68%. In terms of UCAS points, the average score for the whole cohort was 216, the equivalent in A level terms of three A*s and an A. Head Helen Harrison said, “These impressive results reflect great credit on all of our candidates and their teachers, a reward for all their focused hard work and a willingness to think and learn independently. All of our IB candidates should feel very proud of their achievements and I wish them well in their future endeavours at university and beyond.”  

Headington School, Oxford

Headington School is celebrating its ninth year of top IB results, with three girls achieving an impressive 44 marks out of 45.It was Headington’s largest-ever IB cohort, with 36 girls sitting the qualifications. Director of IB Mr James Stephenson said, “It has been wonderful to see interest in and understanding of this excellent qualification grow over the last ten years at Headington. The results today are a reflection of a lot of hard work on the girls’ part over the past two years and I am delighted for each of them.”Headington School has consistently been in the top 10 IB schools in the UK since the School began offering the qualification alongside A Levels in 2009. Today, nearly a third of the Headington girls taking the qualification achieved 40 points or more out of a possible total of 45. Of the 157,000 students around the world who sit the IB, only 10% will achieve a result of 40 or more points. The cohort have secured places at a wide selection of universities, including a significant number at Russell Group universities. The IB Diploma is a well-established pre-university course, which is offered as an alternative to traditional A levels at Headington. To gain the Diploma, candidates must score at least 24 out of a possible 45 and this year Headington girls gained a fantastic average point score of 37.2.Headington’s Headmistress Caroline Jordan said, “The girls have done fantastically well and these excellent results are richly deserved. We are lucky enough to be able to offer both A level and IB at Headington and strongly believe that having teachers who are expert in both programmes enriches and enhances the learning experience for all. I would like to congratulate everybody receiving results today – well done!”

ISL International School London

Now celebrating its 50thyear and based in the heart of the city, the International School London (ISL) is a leading international school offering three IB programmes: the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes.It is delighted to congratulate the ISL IB Diploma class of 2019 on their outstanding IB results.
  • 72% of Diplomas awarded were IB bilingual Diplomas, compared to the global IBO figure of 23%. 
  • The class mean average total points this year reached a new high of 34, representing continued improvement on its three-year average of 33 points and the IB global figure of 30 points. 
  • The mean average grade awarded was 5.1, also significantly better than the IB three-year average figure of 4.8 for the subjects offered at ISL. 
  • 27% of the students achieved 35 or more points. 
  • The highest score achieved this year was 40 points.
At this point, the graduates have already met conditions of offer from the following universities: King’s College London, Kingston University, London South Bank University, Roehampton University, Westminster University, Sussex University, Brunel University, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), St. Andrew’s University, Leeds University, Bristol University, BIMM Music School, Queen Mary University of London, Surrey University.

ISS International School of Singapore

Students at ISS International School in Singapore are celebrating their High School successes as results for the IB Diploma Programme have been published for the May 2019 examination session.
ISS commends its learners and faculty with their 98% pass rate, which is over 10% above the global average. 88% of the 2019 ISS cohort achieved grades A-C in their Theory of Knowledge, and 45% received an A or B grade in their Extended Essay.Christopher Hayward, Principal High School, ISS International School, Singapore said, "The excellent ISS 2019 IB Diploma results give much to be proud of. With over 70 per cent of the graduating class successfully obtaining bilingual IB Diplomas this further underlines the challenges faced and hard work completed by the students in obtaining such great results. It is also pleasing to once again exceed the IB World Average for total points given the inclusive approach at ISS International School. For over 50 per cent of the graduating class to obtain an A or B in the core component of Theory of Knowledge also underlines the effort and commitment of students and staff and the high quality of teaching and learning taking place in the High School."ISS International School Singapore has been offering the IB Diploma Programme for almost 20 years and was the first IB Continuum school in Singapore offering the IB framework across the entire student body, through the Primary (PYP), Middle (MYP) and High School (IB DP) programmes. The IB framework is designed to give students a broad, well-rounded international education and the skills needed for success beyond school.ISS students are excited to be headed to universities across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific, having been offered places to attend institutions such as the University of Westminster, the University of Amsterdam, the University of New South Wales and the University of Toronto.Dr Margaret Alvarez, Head of School, ISS International School, Singapore said, "ISS subscribes to an inclusive educational philosophy. This means that we invest in and are able to draw from a wide range of resources to ensure that students with differing educational and language needs can reach their potential. This year's results are testimony to the power of this philosophy and what can be achieved when students, teachers, parents and guardians work in tandem to support learning. I am incredibly blessed to work with an outstanding team of talented and dedicated teachers and support staff that believe in this philosophy and have the knowledge and experience to harness the potential in our students."

Kent College, Canterbury

Kent College was delighted to be joined by Sir Michael Morpurgo as the guest of honour for the traditionally sunny Speech Day. The Executive Head Master, Dr David Lamper reported on rising rolls, national successes in Engineering, Sport and Music and reflected on the high levels of confidence felt in Kent College.As the sun went down, the results for the IB Diploma arrived: the average score for the third year running was 37 points, which, when translated into UCAS points is similar to the number of points awarded for straight A*/ As at A level. This score is likely to place Kent College amongst the top IB schools in the UK again this year.Success means that scholars will go on to top universities in the UK as well as across Europe; including Humboldt Berlin, and Estada Barcelona to read Medicine, Law and International Business. A number of students achieved a bilingual diploma and every candidate passed. These results match the best at Kent College, which is regularly noted in the top 10 IB schools in the UK.Executive Head Master, Dr David Lamper said, "I am delighted for the students who have worked hard and done so well in achieving places at top universities, and I am grateful to colleagues for their efforts to make sure that the success already enjoyed by A level students is shared with those studying the IB Diploma."

King William's College and the Buchan School, Isle of Man

Principal, Mr Joss Buchanan, to parents regarding said, "I am pleased to report another successful year. Our overall average was 32.6 points.  To put that into context 33 points could be an offer from Birmingham, Lancaster or Liverpool universities. Given that this was one of our larger year groups with 55 students in total we were pleased to achieve such a strong overall score. Six students achieved 40 points or more out of a maximum score of 45. That is a huge achievement. With a broad range of abilities in the year group we were also very pleased with the results lower down in the cohort.  Some students had initially hesitated about taking on the IB but by putting in the effort they made a real success of it and it demonstrates once again that the Diploma is not just for the most able. The university picture is excellent. More than 70% of the students had their places at their first choice of university confirmed. The range of subjects is as broad as ever ranging from Dentistry and Radiography to Fine Art and Music."

K. International School Tokyo

With a top score of 45 points and 43% of students scoring 40 points or more (compared to less than 10% globally), K. International School Tokyo is well on its way to its goal of becoming an academic leader in international education globally. Over the past five years, KIST has seen its DP average increase significantly and become the highest DP average in the country during that time.KIST’s Class of 2019 received their IB DP results and learned that they had set a new record for the highest DP average in KIST history. With a 100% pass rate, KIST students attained an impressive average of 39.2, placing the school at 12th globally and hence amongst the top IB schools in the world. On top of that, 20% of students were awarded the bilingual Diploma award. KIST’s DP Coordinator, John Rose, says of the students, ‘The class of 2019 was composed of some of the nicest and hardest working students I have ever met. I was proud to have taught them and to be their Diploma Program Coordinator.’Current Head of School, Kevin Yoshihara stated, ‘At KIST we view the success of our DP graduates as a team effort.  While it takes a village to raise a child, we feel that it takes a whole school effort, from preschool to Grade 12, to help our students develop the skills and acquire the knowledge to be successful DP students.'Jeffrey Jones, former Head of KIST and current PR Officer, commented, "We are very proud of our hard-working students and our staff’s team effort to support our students through all of our IB programs. Our results reflect well on the efforts we have made to develop competent individuals who make meaningful contributions to our global community. Congratulations to our Class of 2019 and all the best as you embark on continued education at some of the best universities in the world.”

Leighton Park School, Berkshire

Leighton Park’s IB students marked the official end of their Sixth Form careers with the announcement of their IB Diploma (IBDP) results. Having successfully completed this internationally recognised course, the class of 2019 will go on to accept their places at top-ranking UK, European and international universities.Leighton Park students averaged a score of 35, with three of the nine candidates also gaining a bilingual diploma. In addition to this, one student from war-torn Libya was supported on the IB programme having had very little formal education. Leighton Park was recognised in the Government’s league tables earlier this year as one of the highest performing schools in Berkshire and in the top 100 nationwide for the academic progress their Sixth Formers make.Head of Sixth Form and IBDP Co-ordinator, Helen Taylor, commented, “I am really pleased with the results our students have achieved. Our focus is on helping each student achieve the very best they can, whether that be getting the grades to go to a top university or fulfilling their dreams of studying the subjects they really love. The breadth of the education they have received on the IBDP equips our students with the skills and attributes to succeed in this rapidly-changing world.”

Marlborough College Malaysia

The results are in for Marlborough College Malaysia’s IB Diploma Programme candidates and the scores have once again surpassed world and Asia Pacific averages. The MCM pass rate was 97% compared to 79.37% worldwide, and 89.7% in the Asia Pacific region.Moreover, MCM candidates had an average score of 35.4 points, soaring past a world average of 29.6 and the Asia Pacific average of 34. Of the 68 IB Diploma candidates at MCM, 16 had scores over 40 points, which represents 24% of the IB cohort, compared to 5% worldwide with such a score.MCM offers a 'non-selective' entry into its Sixth Form, which makes these outcomes particularly commendable. The college also offers an exceptionally broad range of subjects which is unusual among schools in the region.Mr Alan Stevens, Master of the College said, “The achievement of these young scholars is testament to their focus and hard work, and to the teaching and professionalism of the committed beaks who have supported them, providing an exceptional educational experience to each one of them during their time at Marlborough.“We are delighted that our 2019 Sixth Form students, like so many MCM alumni, leave us to enrol in some of the most demanding and competitive universities globally. These include Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, King’s, UCL and a host of eminent research-led universities in the UK and throughout the world, as well as specialised institutions such as the renowned University of the Arts in London. I am proud both of their results and, even more importantly, of the fine young men and women whom they have become.”

Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough is academically rigorous and maximises the potential of its pupils. With excellent IB Diploma Programme results across the first four years, with an average of 34 points compared to the world average of 29 points and the Asia average of 33 points, our pupils gained places at many of the great Universities around the world. In 2019 IB pupils gained exceptional results with an average points score of 35.5 and the percentage of pupils gaining more than 40 points exceeding 25%, compared to 9% of IB students worldwide. IGCSE results are also world leading, with 61% of grades awarded being A* or A compared to 21% worldwide, confirming the high standards of teaching and learning within the institution. Each year we have a number of pupils who achieve all A* grades, with some gaining as many as 11 or 12 A*s. At Marlborough College Malaysia, we are also proud of the value we add through extending the potential of our pupils and with individuals scoring up to 5 points higher than predicted.

Munich International School (MIS)

The MIS class of 2019 celebrated outstanding success: 19 students achieved an IB Diploma point total of 40 points or more. This is the largest number of 40+ point Diplomas ever achieved by a graduating class at MIS. Overall, 96 students (out of 101 candidates) achieved a full IB Diploma (95 per cent success rate!). MIS graduates in the Class of 2019 will embark on studies at a wide range of universities around the world, including: University College London, Imperial College London, The London School of Economics, Yale University and Stamford University to name just a few.
Aside from their extraordinary academic success, the members of the MIS class of 2019 also distinguished themselves as contributors to the local, regional, and global community. Several members of the class were active as leaders of service through the MIS Tanzania Project, through World Challenge, through the MIS Rotary Interact club, through individual initiatives as part of their Creativity-Activity-Service, and through a wide array of local civic organisations.    “We are proud of our students. Of who they become. And of what they contribute to the world. Well done, MIS Class of 2019! We hope you will stay connected – we want to hear about all of the great things that you achieve.“ – Timothy Thomas, Head of School

Sevenoaks School

Many congratulations to the Class of 2019 on their outstanding examination results.At 224 students, this cohort is the largest we have taught and among the biggest of UK and global IB schools. Together they have achieved the remarkable average Diploma score of 39.3 points; about 10 points above the world average.Fifteen students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 17 securing 44 points and another 13 securing 43 points. Over 50% of the cohort achieved 40 points or more – a truly excellent result. The median Diploma score is 40.Dr Katy Ricks, the outgoing Head, said: "It’s wonderful to celebrate again another cohort’s success in the IB, the global gold standard of education. Our students will proceed to the world’s best universities and go on to make an outstanding contribution to society."

Stephen Perse Foundation

Students who take the IB at the Stephen Perse Foundation (SPF) have achieved a remarkable average score of 40 points (the maximum being 45) – placing the school in the top group of IB schools both in the UK and worldwide. In 2019, 63% of SPF students achieved 40 points or above with 90% of all grades awarded at Level 6 or 7, with 7 being the highest grade available. Students at SPF are offered the choice of taking A levels or the IB. A growing percentage of SPF students choose the IB due to its broad recognition by universities worldwide that IB programmes develop academic independence, giving a breadth of skills and knowledge fit for the 21st century. Naomi Atkins, Vice Principal and Head of 6th Form at SPF said, “We are immensely proud of our IB students, not only for their results and university destinations but for the rounded young leaders and pioneers they become.  They each leave the 6th Form with their own story, ready to make their mark on the world as active and caring global citizens.”

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Well done to the Class of 2019 for their outstanding IB Diploma Programme results this year. The school is extremely proud of its students' achievements, as 100% successfully achieved the full IB Diploma compared to the world average of 77.4%.This year, the average score was an outstanding 38.1 points out of 45, well above the world average of 29.63.Further, two students achieved the maximum 45 points, placing them in the top 0.13% of students in the world who achieved this incredible result.Other achievements include:
  • Nine students scored 42 points of more
  • Over 60% of the cohort scored an outstanding 38 points or more
  • 96& of students scored 32 points or more
  • An impressive seven students achieved the prestigious bilingual Diploma.
Once again, its students' IB Diploma results have surpassed global and Singapore averages with Tanglin Trust School positioning in the top three international schools in Singapore over the last three years and amongst the top 10 independent UK IB Diploma schools in 2018.Craig Considine, CEO of Tanglin Trust School said, "These provisional results reflect the considerable hard work, commitment and effort of our students who over the past two years have undertaken a 4,000-word self-researched essay on a topic of their choice and an independently managed project as part of the school's Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, in addition to studying six specific subjects. Our students are now equipped to take responsibility for their own learning and engage meaningfully in real-world situations."We must also thank our dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic teachers, many of whom are IB Diploma leaders, who support our students in finding their passions and realising their potential."We congratulate each of our IB Diploma graduates, many having secured their first choice at top universities around the world. We wish them every success as lifelong learners who have the skills to contribute with confidence to our world."

TASIS The American School in England

With a 100% pass rate, all 43 of the IB graduates of TASIS The American School in England have reason to celebrate. The fact that 46% were awarded bilingual diplomas reflects the truly international nature of the School, where students from more than 50 countries can choose to study either the IB Diploma Programme or a broad-based American curriculum with a global perspective.

"Congratulations to all of our IB candidates, who have successfully earned their Diplomas while embracing the mission to make their community and world a better place," said IB Coordinator Stephanie Feo Hughes. "While their scores show their high academic achievements and commitment to learning, their work in each course and in the Core elements demonstrates their strong IB Learner Profile traits and their readiness for the next step in their academic journey. We wish them all the best!"
The cohort achieved an average point score of 33, well above the worldwide average of 30. The TASIS England Class of 2019 will now pursue higher education at a range of institutions in the UK, the US, and nine other countries around the world, including Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

Bryan Nixon, Head of School, commented, "Schools may look at our 100% pass rate, our high rate of bilingual diplomas, and an average point score above the world average. But what we are most proud of is the fact that the many hours dedicated by our students, and facilitated by our teachers, have ensured that this stage of each student’s learning journey is successfully completed and that our students will continue to nurture their intellectual curiosity and are emboldened to step forward into university and college ready for the opportunities ahead to play their part in their new learning communities."

Windermere School

Windermere School has finished the 2018/19 academic year on a high, with another exceptional set of IB results. This year, 34 students sat the IB, achieving a 100% pass rate. The 26 IB Diploma candidates achieved a mean score of 33.9 points, the second-best result the school has seen in the past 11 years. Put into context, the IB Diploma mean world average in 2018 was 29.8.Of the 26 students who sat the IB Diploma, four will take their place on the School Honours Board with a score of 40 points or more.A further eight students followed the IB Career-related programme, and these results have been the school’s best set of results to date. The IB Career Related Certificate has been designed for career-orientated students, offering them the opportunity to gain a certificate which combines practical and academic skills. All students who took the IB Careers programme obtained at least one distinction, while three students obtained double starred distinctions.A further two students took individual pathways, one completing two BTEC Level 3 Diplomas and one gaining one BTEC Level 3 Diploma whilst working towards an apprenticeship.Headmaster, Ian Lavender, was delighted with the results. He said, “This is a superb set of results. This is our eleventh year of IB results and to have achieved a 100 per cent pass rate is remarkable. For a non-selective school to achieve so highly, and in competition with some highly selective and academic schools around the world, is phenomenal.”On the strength of these results, 85% of the students who applied for university achieved their offers, with 70% securing their first choice university and a further 15% securing their second choice, and this is six weeks before the A-level results are published.

Are you looking for a school offering the International Baccalaureate?

Schools like these will be able to help you with your relocation requirements over the summer and into the next academic year.ACS Cobham International SchoolACS International School EghamACS International School HillingdonAmerican School of The HagueAustralian International School SingaporeBangkok Patana SchoolBavarian International School gAG (BIS)Box Hill SchoolBerlin Brandenburg International SchoolBritish International School of Chicago, Lincoln ParkBritish School of BrusselsInternational School of London, SurreyKent College CanterburyMarlborough College MalaysiaMarymount International School RomeMunich International SchoolThe Newman SchoolPathways Schools GurgaonSevenoaks SchoolShanghai Community International SchoolSt. George's British International SchoolStamford American International SchoolTASIS The American School in EnglandThe York School
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