The Guide to International Education & Schools 2018/19 – Out Now!

The third edition of our highly popular Guide to International Education & Schools is available now in both print and digital format – get your copy today!

Welcome to the 2018/19 edition of our Guide to International Education & Schools which has been completely updated to reflect changes within the fast-paced international schools sector and covers some of the most important trends in education around the world today.
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What to expect from the 2018 edition

With expert advice from schools, education consultants and relocation professionals, the 230 page guide will take you through the many education and school options around the world, providing information on choosing new schools, managing the timings and understanding curricula.In addition we examine some of the key trends in education today and take a look at how relocating families can best support their children.Find out how automation and AI is changing the future jobs market and how schools are preparing their students in Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.Learn more about life as a relocating child in The ups and downs of being a third culture kid and take a look at education in countries around the world from Asia to Africa.The Guide is the perfect choice for parents, HR managers and employers – providing information that will enable you to understand changes in education systems and the complexities of curricula around the world to either aid your relocation or help you to support a relocating employee.



  • Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Preparing students so they’re ready for the world
  • Growing demand for international schools in Europe and Asia
  • Exploring curriculum options
  • The International Baccalaureate
  • Comparing global education systems
  • Building resilience in children
  • What is the IB career related programme (CP)?
  • The ups and downs of being a third culture kid
  • Letting off STEAM
  • Rewriting the rules of language learning
  • A Levels: where will they take you?


  • Top tips of choosing a new school
  • School entrance exams
  • Creativity in the curriculum
  • Applying for school places out of term time
  • Read the big print
  • The value of education consultants
  • The changing face of SEN in international schools
  • Why choose boarding?


Asia Pacific

  • China’s insatiable appetite for a Western education
  • From classrooms to communities
  • Finding a school in Hong Kong
  • Education and schools in Japan
  • Choosing a school in Thailand
  • Education and schools in Malaysia
  • International schools in Singapore
  • What is worth knowing ­– and how do we teach it?
  • Education in India


  • Education in Europe
  • Education in France
  • Education in the Netherlands
  • Education in Germany
  • Education in Switzerland
  • Education in Spain
  • A Russian Education

United Kingdom

  • The education system in England
  • Education after Brexit: ‘A force to unite nations’
  • Is single sex education still relevant today?

Middle East

  • Choosing a school in the Middle East


  • Challenges of an African education

North America

  • Relocating to the US: Choosing a school
  • The US education system explained
  • Comparing the US and English education systems
  • A Canadian Education 


  • The rise of global student mobility
  • How to create a standout UK or US university application
  • Educating global citizens: Exploring UK universities

Your options:

For employers, relocation professionals, industry experts, and estate and letting agents, we offer short print runs of this beautifully produced guide in a co-branded edition just for you. Alternatively, to provide digital access for all your employees or clients, opt for a licence agreement.For more information or to see if you qualify for a free sample copy, call Fiona Murchie on +44 (0)1892 891334, or email .To purchase a print copy, click on the link below to visit our shop.