Coaching across cultures

Leading the way in cross-cultural awareness,
bestselling author and world authority on coaching
global leaders, Professor Philippe Rosinski will be hosting his popular workshop ‘Leading and Coaching Across Cultures’ in Cambridge in spring 2020.

Coaching across cultures
Relocate Magazine January 2020
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For employers, HR teams and relocation professionals who are sending staff on international assignments, cross-cultural awareness training is of growing importance. Understanding a country’s cultural nuances and working practices can help a relocating employee to thrive in their new environment.Assignees can feel out of place in a new country–particularly one with a significantly different culture – but the right leadership and coaching that integrates multiple perspectives is a powerful vehicle for enabling success.World authority in global leadership development, executive coaching and team coaching, author and professor, Philippe Rosinski, explains, “In our multicultural and fast-changing environment, it is essential to embrace diversity, bridge cultural gaps, learn from cultural differences for more creativity, allowing us to act responsibly, overcome divisions, live meaningfully and strive for internal and external unity.”Following the success of his latest workshops held in Shanghai, Prague and Singapore in 2019, Professor Rosinski is bringing his expertise to the UK in 2020. He is working with co-facilitator Alexandra Terhalle – a University of Cambridge certified coach and facilitator and speaker at Relocate Global’s Festival of Global People earlier this year – to host the course ‘Leading and Coaching Across Cultures; Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) certification’ in Cambridge on 3-5 March 2020.The three-day programme will cover key aspects of cross-cultural awareness, including integrating the cross-cultural dimension into leadership and coaching; leading and coaching of individuals, teams and organisations; and engaging in your own high-performance and high-fulfilment journey.Professor Rosinski adds, “Leadership and coaching that integrates multiple perspectives is a powerful vehicle for enabling sustainable and global success for ourselves and others. The workshop focuses on the cultural perspective in the context of a broader vision that also integrates physical, managerial, psychological, political and spiritual perspectives. We have multiple cultures and the workshop goes further than exploring the sole national cultural focus.”The course is made up of a combination of interactive presentations, intercultural coaching practice followed by individualised feedback and suggestions, individual reflection, peer coaching, group discussions, individual and group assessment, action learning, case studies, and group presentations.

It aims to provide attendees with:

  1. An awareness of your current cross-cultural orientations, cultural norms, values and beliefs
  2. An understanding of how to expand your cultural worldview and behavioural repertoire for greater impact
  3. Recognising how to identify others’ cultural orientations and effectively bridge cultural gaps
  4. Recognising how to maximize opportunities from cultural diversity to promote creativity and unity

  5. An understanding of creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex, multidimensional challenges
  6. An opportunity to become certified to use and administer the COF online assessment with individuals, teams and organisations
  7. An understanding of how to use an integrated coaching approach calling upon multiple perspectives (physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual) to foster sustainable and global success (for self & others).
Professor Rosinski adds, “Cultural diversity is a double-edged sword. Poorly handled, it becomes a source ofpolarisation, which drives team performance down. Effectively exploited, it boosts creativity, facilitates synergies, and increases performance and satisfaction.”For more information or to book a place, visit our Coaching Across Cultures event page, or, and

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