FOCUS: expat community support in the UK

Offering support for its community of expats in the UK, Focus understands the importance of helping families in the transitional period when they arrive in a new location.

Community support
FOCUS is a community for expats run by expats, based in the UK and serving London and the South East. In 2012, FOCUS won Relocate’s Excellence in Employee & Family Support Award, and in 2017 Nancy Dickinson, deputy executive director at FOCUS, won the coveted Exceptional Contribution to Relocation award.

Expat support in the UK

FOCUS is a perfect partner for expat support in the UK, as it offers our community a wealth of knowledge relating to settling expatriates of all nationalities in the UK. It understands the importance of helping families in the transitional period when they arrive in a new location, and offers practical information and advice. FOCUS’ volunteers have all experienced living and working overseas, often moving many times.The community offers more than 50 events and seminars throughout the year for their expatriate members. It also has a highly regarded Career Development Programme, which takes place three times a year. This service is aimed at relocating partners who are seeking a job or wanting to explore a new career direction.
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Employers and relocation professionals alike highly value the services FOCUS provides to support employees and their families on assignment. Ultimately, FOCUS contributes to the productivity of relocating employees, the happiness of their families, successful assignments in the UK, talent retention and the reinforcement of employer brand. A win, win for everyone!Find out more on the Partner & Family Support and For Expatriates sections of our website.
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