Berlin Brandenburg International School

If you are looking for an uplifting outlook into the future, BBIS may be just right for you. The boarding school of the Berlin Brandenburg International School (short BBIS) does not just promote a culturally diverse philosophy, but BBIS Boarding truly lives it every single day.

BBIS campus aerial photo

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The Berlin Brandenburg International Boarding School focuses its core mission on bringing students from all over the world together. The innovative non-profit school offers young people an opportunity to grow and learn in a culturally diverse and respectful environment. Here, the students are not only encouraged to discover their own individual identity, but their journey is also shaped by the wealth and beauty of the different cultures and traditions our world has to offer.Currently over 60 students live at the boarding school and come from over 25 different countries. Iceland, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Australia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Japan and Canada to name but a few, as well as various European countries. The list of different nationalities that live and study together under the roof of the boarding school is extremely impressive.

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