Hastings International School

Hastings School is a prestigious British school established in 1971 that is made up of six different sites in the centre of Madrid.


Hastings School is a prestigious British school established in 1971 that is made up of six different sites in the centre of Madrid.

Hastings is well reputed due to its commitment to the individual needs of children, the professional development of its teachers, and its excellent academic and interpersonal standards and results.Hastings is a school where:
  • There is a real passion for teaching and learning
  • Every pupil is valued
  • We support our pupils in achieving their academic potential and reach some of the best universities in the world
  • We provide an environment in which our pupils can become globally aware, advance their knowledge of other cultures and be socially responsible
  • We help our pupils to develop the attributes needed to be successful at school, at university, and in life
Our curriculum We teach the English national curriculum to pupils aged 2-18, including GCSE, AS and A Level examinations.Our curriculum is constantly modified to incorporate the minimum requirements of the Spanish national curriculum. This means that our pupils are equipped to attend university in Spain or England, as well as other countries around the world.
Academic excellence and University entranceAs well as developing a sense of responsibility and curiosity in our pupils, at Hastings School we aim for high academic performance and excellent results in external examinations.Every year the school achieves brilliant examination results, well above the average in the UK.At the end of their studies, our pupils are able to apply to British and Spanish universities, as well as other institutions around the world.We provide individual guidance with respect to the subjects that we offer and the different options offered by universities.Our convenient campusesHastings School is made of six different buildings, all located in the centre of Madrid.
Three of these are the district of Chamartin, each around five minutes from the others. The other three are situated in Arturo Soria and Conde Orgaz. We have a shuttle bus service that connects all of our sites.Early Years - Paseo de la Habana, 204Early Years & Primary - Ronda de Sobradiel, 31Primary- Benedición de Campos, 5Primary - Azulinas, 8Primary & Secondary - Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 11Secondary & Sixth Form - Manuel Marañón, 8Extra-Curricular activities and Sports We strongly feel that education is about more than just academics. Pupils need the chance to take part in other activities of particular interest to them.The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including Chinese, Chess, Judo, Karate, Ballet, Keyboard, Percussion, Sport, Yoga, Drama, among others.We have a varied sport programme available to all our pupils, offering them the chance to play, train, and compete during Physical Education classes, or as part of an extracurricular activity.In addition, our school teams take part in local competitions for football, basketball, rugby, athletics, and cross country.Enrichment Programme and Trips The enrichment activities organised by Hastings School include a range of sports days and music days ingrained into the school timetable. These contribute to the personal development of all of the pupils.Our current selection of trips for Primary includes visits to Gredos, La Pinilla, and Cerler. For Secondary there are trips abroad to Copenhagen, Lisbon, Berlin, Normandy and Meschers.Hastings School welcomes new families all year round – Apply now or book your personal tour today!

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