Hong Kong protests and travel warnings: the impact on global mobility

How can HR and talent management specialists keep their employees safe in Hong Kong?

a photograph of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement protests taken by Studio Incendo

Photo by Studio Incendo https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Following the on-going protests in Hong Kong, global mobility specialists, ECA International (ECA) commented at the end of September, "Although Hong Kong remains one of the safest major cities in the world, developing protests throughout the city represent the greatest threat to public security since the government of Hong Kong returned to China in 1997."Travel warnings are now in place from countries such as Singapore and the US, while the UK Foreign Travel Advice recommends Brits avoid areas where protest are likely to take place, and to be prepared for situations to change quickly."It is clear that events in Hong Kong at present are extremely fluid and, with no end in sight to the protests, employers in the territory will need to stay aware of developments and do all they can to mitigate the impact of disruption. Most international staff continue to live and work in Hong Kong reasonably normally as yet."

According to ECA over 35,000 British expatriates currently live in Hong Kong and over 570,000 British nationals visit per year. Companies managing their mobile employees need to keep abreast of this developing situation, so as to best assist staff travelling to, or working in Hong Kong.

It remains to be seen what impact recent political events will have on expatriate numbers and the demand for international school places.

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