Austin Texas, 'best city to relocate to'

Austin, Texas, has been ranked as the best city in the world to relocate to, in a report compiled by financial products comparison website

Austin Texas city street
The company's 'Relocation Report' looked at such factors as property prices, weather, salaries, average life expectancy, leisure facilities and internet speeds at more than 80 cities across the globe."In a world where international travel is opening back up and remote working now tried and tested, there is now ample opportunity for people to relocate abroad," said the company.Austin, the fourth-largest city in Texas, emerged top of the pile with particularly strong performances as far as internet speeds, average temperatures and average monthly salaries (£3,984) were concerned.

Why did Tokyo rank 2nd?

Tokyo was ranked in second place. "It is the largest city in the world with a population of over 37 million people, suggesting its mass appeal. Tokyo scores well for its number of restaurants and green spaces and, on top of this, it has the best average life expectancy, with residents living to 84," said the report.Charleston, South Carolina, emerged in third place, primarily because it had an internet speed higher than anywhere else in the world and also ranked highly when it came to average monthly salaries (£3,147).According to the report, the remainder of the top ten for relocation appeal were Dubai, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Muscat, San Francisco and Las Vegas. New York came in at 21st place and London at 30th.Three Swiss cities - Basel, Zurich and Lausanne - were adjudged the most expensive city to relocate to globally, while Istanbul was ranked the most affordable. Doha topped the rankings as the best city destination with a coastline.

"Most Luxurious Cities" report

In September, published a report on the 'most luxurious' cities in the world to visit or live. In that survey, Paris came out top thanks to its 427 Michelin-starred restaurants, 108 stores of the top 10 luxury designers and 95 hotels with a five-star rating.London was second as it offered slightly fewer top restaurants than Paris (372) but had more five-star accommodation. Tokyo was ranked in third place.

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