Borderless Online International Education: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Child

An interview with Santosh Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO and Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Co-Founder and COO in conversation with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global about the growing appeal of virtual schools for international families, parents planning relocation moves or students wanting to move school and the benefits 21K School offers.

21K School is India’s first online only school offering transparent quality education, regardless of the situation and location. Their teachers and students come from around the world. The school offers personlised and flexible learning whilst tracking their students progress daily and offering skills-based learning alongside academic studies.21K has grown to over 6,000 students who can choose an Indian, American or British curriculum. These students study in 40+ different countries.In this interview you will discover:
  • Background on 21K School
  • The growth in the past 3 years, using case studies of families opting for a virutal school
  • Discussion around what makes an online learning experience both stimulating and drives good academic outcomes
  • How 21K are creating opportunites for social engagement inside and outside school
  • Success stories from all stakeholders - children, teachers and parents

Speaker bio:

Santosh Kumar – Co-Founder and CEO

A thorough professional who firmly believes in pursuing passions, his sojourn took him through several IT companies across the globe; after eight years, bringing him to his ordained purpose – 21K School. An alumnus of IIT Delhi, he is leveraging the power ofdisruptive technologies to unlock possibilities.

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal – Co-Founder and COO

Yeshwanth has an MBA in Education Management from the University of Southampton, UK. His experience in education spans over 20 years and he has helped establish 75 schools, colleges and universities. As a pioneer and key figure in education, he is committed to making schooling accessible, affordable and flexible.

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