Health and security risks in expat destinations: Denmark

We cover research examining the security and medical facilities of popular expatriate destinations. In this article we highlight the risks associated with international assignment in Denmark.

Danish capital of Copenhagen, canal
No organisation today can afford to neglect its duty of care. To reduce health risks to individuals, and business and reputational risks to their employers, planning, preparation and up-to-date information are vital. As part of their series on global risk in popular expatriate destinations, global medical assistance provider CEGA and security specialist Solace Global discuss the risk rating in Denmark.



There is a general threat from terrorism in Denmark. Several potential perpetrators have been arrested recently, including two individuals suspected of attempting to send drone equipment to Iraq and Syria.In February 2015, there were two shootings in the Østerbro and Krystalgade areas of Copenhagen. There have also been isolated incidents of civil disturbance, particularly in the tourist area of Christiania in Copenhagen.
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Border control and crime rate

Denmark has re-introduced border controls with neighbours Sweden and Germany amid fears of incoming migrants, despite this going against the Schengen Agreement.It has little serious crime, but pickpocketing and purse-snatching are common, especially between May and September.

Medical care

Medical care is generally world-class, especially in major cities. Small towns usually have GP services and mid-sized towns hospitals with A&E, which are able to refer patients to alternative care if needed.Recommended vaccinations can include bat rabies and tick-borne encephalitis. Expats should seek professional advice that is tailored to specific activities and destinations.Source: Global medical assistance providers CEGA and security specialists Solace Global.Information correct at time of going to press
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