Country Guide to Schools in the Middle East

Education & Schools in the Middle East

King's Interhigh students

From Barcelona to Brazil: How to support your child’s education anywhere in the world

Those new to expat life will understandably need to consider multiple factors before relocating to another part of the world.
Middle East

Choosing a school in the Middle East

Fierce competition for places at Middle Eastern international schools means that expatriate families preparing for a move need to act well in advance of relocation if they are to secure a place at the school of their choice. We examine the current state of provision in the region, and offer tips for parents seeking a school place for their child.


Relocate Global\'s webinar with InterHigh, the leading UK online school

Best online schooling for expatriate families

Discover why online schooling is proving to be a real solution for relocating families, employers with an international assignee population and the relocation professionals supporting their move.

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