Despite outstanding 38-point average, top scoring school Institit auf dem Rosenberg says: "Exam results don't matter"

Students at Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the avant-garde leading Swiss boarding school, scored an impressive average of 38 points, placing the school firmly in the highest league of IB Schools in Europe, far above the international average of 33 points.

Despite the extraordinary results, Anita Gademann, Rosenberg’s Director comments“We are very proud of our students and their impressive achievements. However, increasingly exam results don’t matter beyond university admission as they tell us very little about the exceptional personalities and 21st century skill-sets of our students. It is the skills gleaned from our Talent & Enrichment programme that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate engagement outside of the classroom, preparing students for the world outside, with over 100 course options to choose from including: sustainable design, leadership & activism, robotics & engineering and informatics & coding.” The school has developed its own Rosenberg International Curriculum (RIC®) that fosters 21st century expertise while preparing for a wide range of external qualifications, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Levels and Advanced Placement (APs). The RIC® is internationally accredited and widely recognised for its academic depth and its cross-subject links to encourage interdisciplinary thinking. The RIC® offers the flexibility for students to join at different stages of the programme. It is also not at all uncommon for Rosenberg students to take early external qualifications or classes well ahead of their age-group.Gademann adds: “We are the polar opposite of an ‘exam factory’ and our unique non-cookie cutter approach to education using RIC® demonstrates that contemporary, holistic education and outstanding academic attainment can coexist in harmony. Our primary focus is to provide an inspirational learning environment and our students’ results suggest that our ‘education first, exams second’– approach delivers on this mission.”  Rosenberg’s world-class 2021 IB average follows a solid track record of excellent results while the school continues to foster education with a contemporary real-life context. As students await confirmation for this year’s A-Level and AP results, they delivered an extraordinary 84% A-A* record in 2020 as well as taking first place in Advanced Placement (APs) scores in Switzerland for the same year. Anita Gademann added: “Every student deserves to enjoy their learning experience. If the by products are outstanding external results, then we welcome it!”Institit auf dem Rosenberg website:

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