International Baccalaureate results 2021: pass rates up despite Coronavirus pandemic

The latest results of the International Baccalaureate (IB) provide rankings for top educational establishments around the world. How have students fared, given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Lena and Jess from Taunton School

Students at Taunton School look at their IB results

The International Baccalaureate (IB) results for 2019 released 6 July 2021 reveal that over 170,000 students from across the world received their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), and Career-related Programme (CP) results from the May 2021 examination session.Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate, said, "The last 18 months have been incredibly challenging for students, teachers, and schools throughout the world as COVID-19 has undermined much of what we had come to take for granted. I salute their spirit and dedication to our shared mission: education for a better world."A key responsibility of the IB this year has been to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged by the pandemic, including in their applications to university and higher education. The many changes we have made to this session are part of this commitment to ensure students are not affected by the hugely challenging circumstances in which they have been learning."We understand the pressure being put on the whole education system by COVID-19, and we thank all our partners, including universities, for their support and understanding as we have navigated our way through this challenging time.”Results Overview Data:
  • The number of candidates for the May 2021 session is 170,660 and for the May 2020 174,360;
  • Out of 170,660 students, 104,275 were in the non-exam route and 65,576 in the exam route (and 809 split between both routes);
  • The number of the Diploma Programme candidates for the May 2021 session is 87,307 and for the May 2020 session 86,657;
  • The average diploma score for the May 2021 session is 33.02 points, up from 31.34 in May 2020;
  • The number of students achieving 40-45 points is 15,513, up from 9,701 in May 2020;
  • The average diploma grade is 5.19, up from 4.95 in May 2020;
  • Diploma pass rate 88.96%, up from 85.18% in May 2020.

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Schools like these understand relocation 

Relocate works closely with a number of prestigious international schools that have an excellent track record with IB results. They provide comment and editorial throughout the year on the website and in the quarterly Relocate magazine. The following schools have published their IB results and would welcome enquiries from relocating families.

The International School of Luxembourg

The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) is extremely proud to announce the excellent results of its 2021 Graduating Class at the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, with a 96% pass rate (world average is 89%).
International School Luxembourg IB results
Director Nicki Crush commented “This pass rate would already have been considered superb in normal times. Yet it is even more impressive if you think about how challenging the two last years have been and it undeniably attests to the high-level of resilience of our students.”Out of a total score of 45 points,
  • 3 ISL students achieved a perfect score of 45 points
  • 15,4% of ISL’s students achieved 40 or above points
  • 43% achieved 36 or above points
  • ISL students’ average result is 35 points (world average is 33/45)
  • 83% achieved 30 or above points.
These results allow ISL students access to the most competitive universities.Director Nicki Crush concluded “I would like to congratulate our students for their amazing achievements and also thank our passionate teachers and staff members who work hard every day to inspire our students.”

International School of Paris

"We are delighted to congratulate the graduating class of 2021 on their above world average IB Diploma results. We are also excited to announce a 100% pass rate for the 2020-21 academic year."Head of School, John Burns, International School of Paris
  • ISP pass rate: 100% (world rate: 89%)
  • Four ISP students with a perfect score of 45 points
  • 36 points or more? 52% of ISP student results (compared to 36% globally)
International School of Paris IB results

Impington International College

100% of International Baccalaureate (IB) students at Impington International College passed their IB Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP), achieving an average point score of 36, beating the global average of 33.02.
Impington IB students
Receiving their results, 30 years after the programme was first introduced at the College, 26% of students attained 40 points or more, with 4 students achieving 44 and 45 – the maximum possible point score. These accomplishments have secured student places at Oxbridge, Russell Group and leading international universities along with a number of top Drama Schools to study a multitude of subjects including Biology, Law, Acting and Psychology.Impington International College is a sixth form in Cambridgeshire, offering a unique educational experience for its students who choose to study at the College from many schools in the local area, wider parts of the UK and all around the world.Reflecting on the results, Jo Sale, Vice Principal at Impington International College, said, “After another challenging year, we are thrilled that the hard work, dedication and resilience of this year’s student cohort has resulted in such tremendous achievements and offer our heartfelt congratulations to all of our students. They will be deeply missed but we are delighted to see them leaving to follow their dreams. As one of the first state schools to offer the IB in the UK, exceptional outcomes like these demonstrate the strength of the programme and its impact on students’ progression since its introduction.”Impington International College introduced the IB in 1991 and is celebrating its pearl anniversary of offering the DP programme. Since its introduction, the college has welcomed a total of 1,513 IB students from all over the world to study the IB, and then seen them embark on exciting higher education adventures in the UK and abroad. In that time, students have received 572 Russell Group university offers and almost 50 Oxbridge places have been secured.Sale continued, “Throughout the past 30 years, our students have gone on to study at renowned higher education institutions around the world, including: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, King’s College London, Loughborough University, Leiden University, UCLA, The Place, Italia Conti, International University of Japan, and many more. The IB expertly prepares students for the world of higher education, and they are able to use the skills learnt to eloquently engage in seminars, write longer essay pieces and understand things in the context of the world around them.”Reflecting on how her time at Impington International College prepared her for university, alumna Caitlyn Riley, said, “Having gained a scholarship through my IB results to study Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology, I found the whole transition from IIC to university very easy. The structure of university and the IB is very similar; the DP’s internal assessments during sixth form helped me develop skills that are required as you move into higher education.”

Taunton School

The school is celebrating a 100% pass rate and its best ever average scores, with some outstanding individual achievements. Top scorer and Head Boy Daniel Travers achieved the maximum score of 45 points. In September, he begins a degree in maths at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland. He is only the 4th Taunton School student in 14 years to achieve full marks - even internationally, it is a rare achievement which is awarded to less than 1% of candidates.Jesper-Jay Harrington was just behind, scoring 44 points.  A student at Taunton since the Prep School, he has at place at Bath University to study architecture.Head Girl Jess Fisher achieved an impressive 43 points. She joined Taunton School from The Castle School in the Sixth Form on an IB scholarship. She has chosen to study law at University College London. She says: “I was determined to join Taunton School in the Sixth Form for all the academic and sporting opportunities it offers - it’s been an amazing couple of years.” Ed Cousins, who has attended Taunton School since he started in Reception, scored 39 points and is heading to Bristol University to study Geography. He says: “I’ve been at Taunton School since I was little and it’s been incredible throughout.”The IB Diploma has been established for over 50 years with Taunton School being one of the first in the south-west to set up their IB programme in 2007. IB CoordinatorAdrian Roberts, says: “I’m absolutely thrilled that after 14 years, our excellent results continue and that once again our students have achieved outstanding scores.”He added: “This is a demanding course and I am incredibly proud of all our students who have worked so hard and faced the challenges of this difficult year with such resilience.”Taunton School Headmaster, Lee Glaser says: “We are proud to be an IB World School and offer this valuable programme to our Sixth Form students, which is recognised by the top universities in the world. This year’s students thoroughly deserve their success and can look forward to very bright futures.”

Regents International School Pattaya

Regents International School Pattaya celebrates standout IBDP scores again this year. Cementing its unrivalled reputation as one of the most established international schools on the Eastern seaboard, with a long history of academic excellence.
Since Regents opened its doors in 1994, graduates have been securing places at the world's top universities with their outstanding academic results. The IBDP has been part of the Sixth Form curriculum since 2002 and since that time it has seen over 700 IBDP graduates, consistently scoring above the world and UK average.The entire community at Regents; students, teachers and parents are celebrating today thanks to students achieving exceptional results in the IBD Programme for the 2020/21 academic school year. Regents students achieved a pass rate of 100 percent this year and with an average score of 36 points which is, once again, higher than the UK and IB global average.This impressive overall performance is made even more special as many students have achieved notable personal successes which reflected their determination and capabilities as learners – 2 of our students scored 44 points and 17% of students scored above 40 out of 45, a feat only a small percentage of IBDP students worldwide ever obtain.At Nord Anglia Education, the world’s leading premium international school group, all 73 of its school's support students to achieve more than they may have ever thought possible. Every Nord Anglia school, including Regents, believes there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally and academically.“We are proud of our graduates and their excellent achievements, especially this year as it has been a challenge. Our students once again, are above the world average, which is an exceptional result for a non-selective school. These results mean that our graduating students will be able to go to their first-choice universities.Our students have been accepted to top universities on four continents around the world including University of Edinburgh, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of British Columbia, King's College London, Delft University in the Netherlands and the University of New South Wales to study wide-ranging disciplines from the arts to business to medicine and engineering. In fact, over 30% of our cohort will be attending a top 50 university!”Sarah Osborne-James, School Principal, Regents International School PattayaRegents students are motivated to become advanced learners; creative, intellectually curious and innovative young people who are confident, collaborative and socially responsible, who win places at world class universities. We can’t wait to see what our graduates achieve next!

TASIS The American School in England

TASIS The American School in England is pleased to announce excellent IB Diploma exam results for the Class of 2021.Here is a summary of the 2021 IB exam results: 
  • 100% pass rate (world average 88.96%)
  • 20% bilingual diplomas
  • The top individual score was 44
  • The average point score was 36 (world average 33.2)
TASIS England is extremely proud of the grades achieved during a challenging year for all students. This year, our IBDP candidates achieved a 100% pass rate and we maintained an average point score of 36, which is significantly higher than the world average of 33.2. In addition, 20% of our students received a bilingual IB diploma, which reflects the School’s Mission to “nurture intellectual curiosity and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of a global community.”Commenting on the journey for the TASIS England Class of 2021, Head of School, Bryan Nixon said: “We are delighted that the hard work and dedication of our students has resulted in a very good set of school and individual results. Our congratulations to our students who have grown through adversity and demonstrated their commitment to their life-long learning journey. Our thanks also to our teachers for facilitating this learning both online and in person throughout the past two years.” Mrs Stephanie FeoHughes, Head of Upper School, commented: “Congratulations to our IB candidates on their excellent examination results! They have not only shown their knowledge and understanding of their course material, but have embodied the attributes of our mission by remaining principled and open-minded learners as they faced the challenges of the past two years. Special thanks to our entire IB community at TASIS for coming together and supporting our candidates through each change to the DP assessment model.”

Marymount Rome

The experience of the IB Diploma Class of 2021 has been an extraordinary roller-coaster ride: the solid first semester of Year 1 of the Diploma was followed by three semesters of extended remote learning periods, uncertainty as whether students in Italy would sit a final set of  examinations and if there were no examinations how would grades be established.
Despite these pressures the students have delivered a stunning performance. The pass rate was 100%, and the grade point average was 37, the highest in the School’s history, with 30% of the class scoring 40 points and above. The class valedictorian, Noemi S., achieved a perfect score of 45 whilst three others scored 44. Just under 70% of the group scored in the top 25% worldwide, a phenomenal achievement for the students, their teachers, and the families who supported them throughout their Diploma studies.The students will now finalize their College selection from universities around the world including: New York University, University of California Berkeley, Boston University, and St. John’s University in the United States; University of Toronto, and McGill University in Canada; University College London, University of Edinburgh, Royal Holloway University, and King's College London in the United Kingdom; the Bocconi, and the LUISS in Italy; and several other universities in Northern Europe, the Netherlands, and Spain. Our graduates plan to pursue degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Law, International Relations, Politics, the Arts and more, reflecting the full spectrum of our talented students. Find all of the Class of 2021's College Offers here.We congratulate every member of the Class 2021 on their outstanding achievement and for their overall commitment to their education.

Munich International School

The MIS class of 2021 celebrated outstanding success: 40 students achieved an IB Diploma point total of 40 points or more including five students with a maximum IB Diploma score of 45. This is the largest number of 40+ point Diplomas ever achieved by a graduating class at MIS. 27 students scored 42 or better, giving them a 1.0 Abiturdurchschnitt. The average diploma total was 38 points (comparable to a 1.6 Abiturnote), a leading score among international schools in Germany. All 108 candidates achieved a full IB Diploma (100 percent success rate).  MIS graduates in the Class of 2021 will embark on studies at a wide range of universities around the world, including: Stanford University, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) the London School of Economics, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and Columbia University in the City of New York, to name just a few. Aside from their extraordinary academic success, the members of the MIS class of 2021 also distinguished themselves as contributors to the local, regional, and global community, and as resilient and generous members of their class. They completed numerous service projects and remained focused, patient, and supportive of each other during extremely uncertain and challenging times. “We are proud of our students, both for their exceptional academic accomplishments and also for their humanity and their willingness to sacrifice and desire to be contributing members of their communities. Well done, MIS Class of 2021! We hope you will stay connected – we want to hear about all of the great things that you will achieve.“ – Timothy Thomas, Head of School 

Ágora Lledó International School

Agora Lledó has positioned as the best IB school in Spain for the last 5 years.
After the excellent final scores in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the EvAU (national spanish tests) , Lledó is once again the best school in the Valencian Community, and among the best in Europe.The announcement of the final grades of the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams has placed the Agora Lledó International School of Castellón, part of the Globeducate group, in the leading positions among schools at a national and international level.Students of Agora Lledó have obtained an average score of 38.6 points (equivalent to a 9.3/10 on the national Baccalaureate scale), with half of the students scoring over 40. Therefore, above the world average score, which has been 33.02 points.As reported by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), the number of students worldwide who have taken the tests of these prestigious exams, has exceeded the amount of 170,000 students, while in Spain the number is almost 4,000 students.These scores, which are also a historical record for the Lledó school, confirms this school in Castellón, as the best IB school in the Valencian Community, among the top 3 nationally and probably  again among top 10 in Europe.
Taking into account the past 4 years, highlights Lledó as the best IB school in Spain.

It is remarkable that these scores have been awarded in a very difficult context for the development of education, due to the Covid situation. The difficulties for students and teachers to adapt to this tough situation have become, however, a challenge to overcome the achievements of previous years.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Despite outstanding 38-point average, top scoring school Institit auf dem Rosenberg says: "Exam results don't matter"Students at Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the avant-garde leading Swiss boarding school, scored an impressive average of 38 points, placing the school firmly in the highest league of IB Schools in Europe, far above the international average of 33 points. Despite the extraordinary results, Anita Gademann, Rosenberg’s Director comments“We are very proud of our students and their impressive achievements. However, increasingly exam results don’t matter beyond university admission as they tell us very little about the exceptional personalities and 21st century skill-sets of our students. It is the skills gleaned from our Talent & Enrichment programme that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate engagement outside of the classroom, preparing students for the world outside, with over 100 course options to choose from including: sustainable design, leadership & activism, robotics & engineering and informatics & coding.” The school has developed its own Rosenberg International Curriculum (RIC®) that fosters 21st century expertise while preparing for a wide range of external qualifications, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Levels and Advanced Placement (APs). The RIC® is internationally accredited and widely recognised for its academic depth and its cross-subject links to encourage interdisciplinary thinking. The RIC® offers the flexibility for students to join at different stages of the programme. It is also not at all uncommon for Rosenberg students to take early external qualifications or classes well ahead of their age-group.Gademann adds: “We are the polar opposite of an ‘exam factory’ and our unique non-cookie cutter approach to education using RIC® demonstrates that contemporary, holistic education and outstanding academic attainment can coexist in harmony. Our primary focus is to provide an inspirational learning environment and our students’ results suggest that our ‘education first, exams second’– approach delivers on this mission.”  Rosenberg’s world-class 2021 IB average follows a solid track record of excellent results while the school continues to foster education with a contemporary real-life context. As students await confirmation for this year’s A-Level and AP results, they delivered an extraordinary 84% A-A* record in 2020 as well as taking first place in Advanced Placement (APs) scores in Switzerland for the same year. Anita Gademann added: “Every student deserves to enjoy their learning experience. If the by products are outstanding external results, then we welcome it!”

Zurich International School

Hats off to our IB students on their impressive results!With an average score of 38 — well above the world average — more than 42% of Zurich International School's Class of 2021 IB students achieved 40 points or more and one student scored a perfect 45. We are incredibly proud of them!The International Baccalaureate Organisation recently gave ZIS a glowing report following a regular five-year review, stating it is sharing ZIS' best practices and expertise with others.The International Diploma Programme is one of the pathways on offer to Upper School students who can also choose from a wide range of Advanced Placement and ZIS courses. Learn more about our curriculum for students aged 14 to 18 at 

Bavarian International School

Outstanding grade average at BIS: 37 points (equivalent to Abitur grade 1.8)Bavarian International School (BIS) once again proved its reputation as one of the leading international schools in Germany and top 15 in Europe. The current graduating class of 2021 of 80 students achieved an IB Diploma (DP) average grade of 37 points, which is well above the global average of 33 points. This value corresponds to the Abitur grade of 1.8 in the state system. Over a third of BIS students scored more than 40 points (1.3 in the German State system). The average grade at Bavarian Gymnasiums is expected to be between 2.1 - 2.2 in 2021."I could not be prouder of our G12 students, who have spent the majority of their last two years under corona conditions and were still able to achieve such high marks. The strong academic performance of these young people is particularly remarkable as they have done so in our non-selective school. This is also a testimony to the dedicated teaching staff at BIS, who concentrate not only on the academic welfare or our students, but also their overall wellbeing,” says Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, Head of School and Executive Board of Bavarian International School gAG (BIS).In addition to the 28 students with over 40 points, 32 students achieved a median score of 30 to 39 points (24 points are needed to pass) - evidence of high academic quality on a broad scale. The IB DP pass rate of 97% (89% worldwide), and IB Career-related Programme (CP) pass rate of 100% is nothing short of impressive.The hard work and passionate dedication of teachers and students alike have been the main factors behind the great success of BIS in difficult times. The slogan "Believe. Inspire. Succeed" was truly lived. The IB DP Coordinator of Bavarian International School, Loay Malek, adds other important points for the outstanding results: Professionalism and flexibility of the leadership team, comprehensive hygiene, testing and filtering measures, exemplary support from the health department, facility and other admin departments, a strong pastoral care programme and last but not least trust, understanding and cooperation of the parents. “In short, BIS (the entire community) managed it all exceptionally well,” says Loay Malek.Ticket to the best universities The graduates of the class of 2021 have access to the best universities around the world and in Germany. BIS graduates will, for example, attend the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) or universities in Madrid, Rotterdam, Budapest, St. Gallen, Vienna, Hong Kong or Edinburgh, with courses of studies ranging from Astrophysics and International Law to Acting & Performance and Finance.


More inspiration about BIS

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill

We have received our Brevet, Bac Francais & IB results: 100% success ! All of our students are now heading to Universities WW.FYI: It was our first cohort for the IB and we are delighted to have an average of  35.8/4.With 100% success on all exams and graduates admitted to the most prestigious and sought after universities in the world, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill offers a perfect balance between academic rigour and innovation. Its guiding philosophy places the needs of each child at the heart of the educational experience, welcoming every student into a dynamic and caring international community.A remarkable 100% of our graduating class in 2021 passed with excellent marks. Our IB Diploma school's average grade is 35.8/45 which is well above the world average of 33.02/45, and 88% of our French Baccalaureat students passed with honours including 43% with highest honours.Below are a few messages the school received:“We were thrilled by our daughter’s excellent results at the IB!! She has met her conditions for her first choice and we are so happy for her.Thank you again for all your support!” (LIL parent)Thank you so much for your help throughout those two years for both my education and well-being!” (LIL student)“Excellent results for our first cohort! They have set the bar high!” Our students can be proud of what they have accomplished!  (LIL teacher)Unlike local schools taught in a single language that can tie students to a national curriculum and restrict their future options elsewhere, Lycée Churchill offers programs that open educational avenues. The school has also been classified as “outstanding” by Ofsted, Britain’s educational standards office, for secondary education and student wellbeing.To book a private visit, write to or alternatively, visit the school’s website at and register to attend  one of our next virtual  open day

Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands

IB results for this year are 31, and the personal highest score is 43.

ICS London

ICS London DP2 students achieved the best point score for the last 6 years!All ICS London students were awarded their Diploma this year, with an average point score of 36.3, more than 3 points above the world average (33.0). 50% of them achieved 39 points or higher (the results are out of 45). There is much to celebrate here, especially as their particular DP journey was fraught with challenges and changes! Teachers have worked very hard and demonstrated patience this year and these results are a true testament to their support towards the students. ICS London places a great amount of importance on community, emotional development and educating the 'whole student'. But this is not at the expense of maintaining high academic standards. Over the past six years, our students achieved an average International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) mean point score of 33.9 – significantly higher than the world average of 30.6.Researchers have found that students on IB programmes perform better than their peers on other educational tracks in many ways, including higher average marks and more first-choice university acceptances. So ICS London teachers and staff wish nothing but the best to the class of 2021 and can't wait to see how their future leaders and world citizens will make their own difference in our society."

ACS Hillingdon

Top marks for ACS Hillingdon students in IB results
ACS International School Hillingdon students are celebrating a 100% pass rate in their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) results. Students will now go on to study at top universities including Imperial College London, Waseda University in Japan and the University of Toronto, as well as pursuing individual interests and preparing for high-level post-secondary opportunities in sport, creative industries and business and enterprise.The DP is a rigorous, two-year qualification globally recognised as an alternative to A Levels and, according to research conducted by ACS over 12 years, is consistently rated by university admissions officers as the best qualification to thrive at university. ACS Hillingdon students achieved an average point score of 37 out of a possible 45, which is equivalent to four A*s at A Level and is well above the global average score of 33. The top score achieved by an ACS Hillingdon student was 45 and 57% of students scored 38 or above.A global curriculum provider, the IB prepares students to be internationally-minded, global citizens, and, as part of the DP, students are required to study at least one language. A quarter of ACS Hillingdon DP students received a bilingual diploma, which is awarded to candidates who opt to study two language courses and receive a grade 3 or higher or who complete courses taught in another language. Languages studied by ACS Hillingdon students include: French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.Martin Hall, Head of School, ACS Hillingdon, comments: "Sincere congratulations to all of our graduating IB students; you have achieved incredible academic results, all while navigating the various challenges thrown at you during the last couple of school years. The DP is a rigorous course that challenges students to reach their full academic potential, but it also involves a range of service-learning and critical thinking related modules which enable students to develop vital personal and social skills. The class of 2021 has graduated as well-rounded, global citizens ready to succeed on whatever path they choose.”Prateek, a 2021 ACS Hillingdon graduate, comments: “I really appreciated the diversity of students and staff, and got to learn about a lot of different cultures. This is something that I will encounter in the future, at university and in work, so the fact that I got accustomed to such an environment so early on, is wonderful.”In addition to the DP, the school offers the US High School Diploma and Advanced Placement (AP) programmes as alternatives to A Levels. ACS Hillingdon’s AP results will be released in August.For more information on ACS Hillingdon’s IB results 2021, please visit:

ACS Cobham

Success across the board as ACS Cobham students receive IB resultsInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) students at ACS International School Cobham have achieved a 100% pass rate and will now progress to top universities across the world - from Imperial College London and Durham University to UCLA and the Georgia Institute of Technology.The DP is a rigorous, two-year qualification globally recognised as an alternative to A Levels and, according to research conducted by ACS over 12 years, is consistently rated by university admissions officers as the best qualification to thrive at university. The average IB point score for ACS Cobham students this year was 37, which is above the world average of 33 points, and is theequivalent of achieving four A*s at A Level. The top score available in the DP is 45 and almost half of ACS Cobham students achieved 38 points or above; with the highest score achieved by an ACS Cobham student being 45/45.A global curriculum provider, the IB prepares students to be internationally-minded, global citizens, and, as part of the DP, students are required to study at least one language. Over 10% of ACS Cobham students received a bilingual diploma, which is awarded to candidates who opt to study two language courses and receive a grade 3 or higher or who complete courses taught in anotherlanguage. Languages studied by ACS Cobham students include: Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Swedish.Barnaby Sandow, Head of School, ACS Cobham, comments: “I am enormously proud of this year’s graduating IB students. Throughout their two years studying the DP they have faced endless challenges and disruption, but they have come out the other end with exceptional academic results and will enter the rest of their lives with a new kind of resilience and tenacity. A number of our students will now go on to some of the top universities in the world, while others will confidently pursue individual passionsand interests and prepare for high-level post-secondary opportunities in sport, creative industries, and business and enterprise.”Reflecting on his time at ACS Cobham, Ben, who was selected to speak during the 2021 graduation ceremony due to his outstanding academic achievements, comments: “I think ACS Cobham's strengths lie in its people. Whenever I travel between different schools, I always end up remembering the calibre of each teacher and student rather than the location itself. Many of the teachers at this school have been wonderful and I've met some great friends over the last two years.”In addition to the DP, the school offers the US High School Diploma and Advanced Placement (AP) programmes as alternatives to A Levels. ACS Cobham’s AP results will be released in August.For more information on ACS Cobham’s IB results 2021, please visit:

ACS Egham

ACS-Egham-ib-resultsACS Egham students achieve 100% pass rate in IB resultsStudents studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) at ACS International School Egham have achieved a 100% pass rate in their 2021 results. Students have now accepted offers at top universities around the world, including: University of Oxford, London School of Economics (LSE) and The University of British Columbia.The DP is a rigorous, two-year qualification globally recognised as an alternative to A Levels and, according to research conducted by ACS over 12 years, is consistently rated by university admissions officers as the best qualification to thrive at university. The top score students can achieve in the DP is 45 and, while the world average for IB results this year was 33, ACS Egham students achieved an average point score of 37, which is equivalent to four A*s at A Level. Over 50% of ACS Egham students scored 38 or above; and the top score achieved was 45/45.A global curriculum provider, the IB prepares students to be internationally-minded, global citizens, and, as part of the DP, students are required to study at least one language. Almost a third (30%) of ACS Egham students received a bilingual diploma, which is awarded to candidates who opt to study two language courses and receive a grade 3 or higher or who complete courses taught in another language. Languages studied by ACS Egham students include: Dutch, French, German and Spanish.Jeremy Lewis, Head of School, ACS Egham, comments: "On behalf of all teachers and staff at ACS Egham, I would like to say a huge congratulations to this year's graduating class. Despite obvious disruption during their two year course, they have continued to shine and go above and beyond to achieve success. ACS Egham offers the IB's programmes of education throughout all stages of the school, with the DP being a culmination of everything students have learnt throughout their time with us. I can see that this year's graduates will go forward encompassing all areas of the IB learner profile: as inquiring, caring, principled and balanced individuals."Will, who has accepted an offer at the University of Oxford and was selected to speak at ACS Egham’s 2021 graduation ceremony due to his outstanding academic achievements, comments: "My subject-specific understanding and skills gained from my Higher Level subjects—Maths, Physics and Chemistry—prepared me not only for university-entrance interviews and exams, but also for my future studies at university. The IB also demands a wide range of soft skills, from problem solving and critical thinking to organisation and teamwork, that will prove highly valuable."For more information on ACS Egham’s IB results 2021, please visit:

International School of Brussels (ISB)

The International School of Brussels are celebrating both their best ever IBDP results and the first cohort of students to complete the IB Career-related Programme with an inclusive average of 35.9 and a selected average of 42.1!

American School of The Hague

American School of The Hague: Class of 2021 Spotlight
On Friday, June 10, the Class of 2021 graduated in a hybrid ceremony, combining in-person traditions with virtual tributes and the audience tuned in via live stream. With a two year mix of on campus and virtual learning under their belts, our seniors were determined to achieve all of their academic goals in our IB and AP programs. The just released scores reveal that two of our students obtained perfect scores (45) and five others achieved a score of 44 points. Our 47 full diploma students received a 100% pass rate with a mean score of 39 points, with 75% of the class earning 38 points or higher. Our seniors choose the path that suits them best post-graduation, by taking a gap year to work, travel, volunteer, explore athletic, artistic or other interest-centered opportunities, or of course in pursuit of academics at college or university here in the Netherlands and across the globe. Read more of our Class of 2021 spotlight here

The American School of Milan

IB Results:100% pass rateTotal of 66 diplomas awardedAverage score: 36,5723 students received 40 or higher, among which one 45 and four 44.

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) has reported stellar results in this year’s  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).
Results were released by the International Baccalaureate Organization on 5 July 2021. ISKL’s Head of School, Mr. Madani described the school’s results as “a testament to the hard work, resilience, and determination of our students, teachers, and administrators during especially challenging circumstances”.ISKL continued its long-held tradition of outperforming the worldwide IB Diploma average score with students scoring an average of 37.1 points, four points above the global average of 33.02 points. ISKL’s 97 percent pass rate was also well above this year’s worldwide pass rate of 88.96 per cent.Nine students from ISKL were among the very top students worldwide to achieve a perfect score of 45 points, placing them in what is typically the top 0.3 percent of IBDP candidates globally. A further 10 students scored 44 points and a remarkable 36.8 percent of students scored 40 or more points compared with 17.8 percent of students worldwide. 18.8 percent of students earned a Bilingual Diploma in Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.ISKL is Malaysia’s longest-running IB World School and this year’s cohort of 144 students was the largest IB Diploma cohort since the school was authorised to run the IBDP in 1989. Mr. Madani noted, “It is a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone. Undertaking the IB Diploma is a major accomplishment and regardless of the score, we are proud of every student, the global citizen they have become, and the contribution they will make to the world. The IB offers a broad learning experience and opportunities to apply learning which are aligned with ISKL’s future-ready curriculum and educational philosophy”.Mr. Madani said that faculty, staff, and administration were united in being proud of its students who have demonstrated continued resilience, agility, and determination. He also attributed the school’s success to the support and dedication of its IB Coordinator Ms. Ebony Manning, its team of highly experienced IB teachers, counselors, and administrators including High School Principal Jeff Farrington who was a 2021 recipient of the US-based National Association for Secondary School Principals Principal of the Year award. “We have an outstanding High School team who has acted exhaustively on behalf of our students’ best interests in a time of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty,” said Mr. Madani.This year the International Baccalaureate Organization offered a dual-route for grading with schools in some countries by taking exams while others awarded grades via teacher assessment. ISKL advocated for its students to take IB exams and Ms. Manning said she believed this route will, “Help make a difference to students’ preparedness for university and beyond”.Ms. Manning echoed Mr. Madani’s praise for ISKL’s students and teachers and also noted that in addition to doing everything possible to ensure its students could learn on campus whenever possible, “Our results also reflect the high quality of our online learning program which ensured our students experienced a seamless transition in their learning regardless of whether they were learning on campus or online. This is such a validation of ISKL’s successful management of learning under hard and ever-changing conditions”.ISKL’s bespoke online learning program, ‘Continuous Learning’, was designed to deliver ISKL’s high-quality academic program and ensure the continued progress towards established learning targets as well as nurture student well-being. The online program, which is refined on an ongoing basis, is based on recent global research and the previous 20 years of educational research on online and blended learning before the pandemic.At ISKL, academic pathways are designed to accommodate the needs of every learner enabling students to select the program that fits with their interests, abilities, and aspirations. These pathways reflect the school’s commitment to being an inclusive school that values diversity and empowers each student to succeed. High School students have the choice of either the IBDP which is offered on a non-selective basis or the innovative ISKL Pursuits Program which gives students the opportunity to combine individual IB, Advanced Placement, and other High School Diploma courses to create their own program of study and focus in a chosen area. Each of these two-year pathways provides a comprehensive, relevant, and challenging course of study that can be tailored to individual interests, strengths, and goals.In addition to attending universities and colleges worldwide, ISKL students are well prepared to undertake work and service placements, gap years, and internships in Malaysia and around the world. To date, the Class of 2021 has received more than 300 acceptances and offers from over 130 universities in 12 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Korea, and Hong Kong. The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) website:

Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro

Escola-Americana-do-Rio-de-JaneiroCongratulations to the EARJ Class of 2021 - Another Generation of IB Diploma Success“This year’s IB Diploma results are much more than a register of high academic achievement. They are a symbol of the resilience and strength of character of young people who have overcome incredible challenges throughout the past two years. As Headmaster of EARJ, I could not be more proud of each and every one of them.”Dr. Nigel J Winnard
HeadmasterThe EARJ Class of 2021 has achieved a fantastic set of IB Diploma results. This is remarkable not only for their academic accomplishments, but also because of what it says about their resilience and strength of character in such challenging times.As we celebrate these results we do so in the knowledge that there are many different measures of achievement. Each of our graduates has been successful in so many ways, including in their IB Diploma. We recognize the incredible effort and innovation shown by EARJ’s students and teachers in achieving these results.We also honor our supportive parent community, which has provided the foundations for their children to be successful. We are delighted to share the highlights of this year’s EARJ IB Diploma Programme results.The IB Diploma candidates of the Class of 2021 averaged 36.3 points, which far exceeds the world average of 33 points.This year, 23% of our IB Diploma candidates scored 40 or more points, with 54% scoring 35 points or higher.In addition, an incredible 27% were awarded the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma.This cohort has demonstrated exceptional achievement in the midst of the pandemic that impacted their DP courses for more than half of their two years in the program.EARJ has a track record of IB Diploma success that stretches back more than 30 years. We are proudthat the Class of 2021 has more than maintained the tradition of excellence set by generations of their predecessors.”Our Class of 2021 DP students can truly be proud of their accomplishments, as their hard work and perseverance led to this year's phenomenal results. Given the unusual context in which they had to complete their two-year program, they have set a new level of expectation for future cohorts to achieve.”Dr Howard De Leeuw
Upper School Principal

Zurich International School

World-beating Advanced Placement results!The top mark of 5 was awarded in 35% of Advanced Placement exams taken by Zurich International School students, significantly higher than the global average of 14%. And more than 31% of exams gained a score of 4, also well above the 22% global average.Our Class of 2021 graduates, who also had the option of taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma, have earned admission to leading universities around the world.We are very proud of you!Visit for more information about our personalized approach to learning.

Renaissance College

Although this cohort of students has faced a trying two years of education, the class of 2021 have been awarded a highly impressive set of IB results. We are extremely proud to announce that the majority of students have been able to secure their first choice of university and are embarking on exciting futures full of promise.With yet another year of a 100% pass rate for the full Diploma and an average total point score of 38.8 points, the college continues to surpass global averages. The trend here is success building on success. Within these figures, it is worth drawing attention to the continued high rate of students who qualified for the bilingual diploma (achieved by taking two native/near-native language courses). In this cohort, nearly 30% of the students were eligible to receive the bilingual diploma, and 100% of them qualified for it.An additional level of success can be seen by the fact that 50.4% (an increase of 15% from previous years) of our students were able to achieve 40 or more total points – a figure that would place them as competitive Ivy League or Oxbridge applicants. Further to this, seven of our students achieved a total of 45 points, the maximum point score that can be achieved in the IB Diploma. This is a record high for Renaissance College. We are extremely proud of all of our students.A further breakdown of the results for the May 2021 IB DP cohort is as follows:
Number of students entered for the full diploma129
Number of students achieving the IB Diploma129
Pass rate (%)100%
Bilingual pass rate (%)100%
Mean point score for all IB Diploma Students38.8
% of students achieving 30+ IB Diploma Points96.1%
% of students achieving 35+ IB Diploma Points81.4%
% of students achieving 40+ IB Diploma Points50.4%
Mean grade for all students6.1
The pass rate for the Career-related Programme was 100% for this cohort, reflecting a high level of control over outcomes as we continue to expand upon the fields of specialism we are able to offer.The following summary provides further details of the Career-related Programme students’ achievements:
Pass rate (%)100%
Total entries5
Highest reflective project mark (out of 36)31
Average reflective project mark (out of 36)19
SCAD GPA averages2.5
APA Grade AveragesDistinction
HTI (Hospitality and Tourism Institute) & ICI (International Culinary Institute) averages68%
Average DP subject grade achieved by CP candidates (highest possible = 7)5
It is pertinent to note that the above scores achieved in the Reflective Project are indicative of the candidates’ strong independent research skills and this component is given equal weighting to the DP Extended Essay by UCAS.As an outcome of excellence, a large number of RCHK students have been awarded the ESF Chairman’s Awards. GIESF-in-text-bannerFor more education and school-related news, visit our Education and Schools pages:The International Baccalaureate: a global success storyThe International Baccalaureate: developing enquiring mindsA very international British educationApplying for a school place in EnglandTop Tips on choosing a new schoolApplying for school places out of term timeChoosing a boarding school in the UK The new boarding experience: perspectives from schools Read the big print: choosing the right international school The value of education consultants2018/2019 International Education & Schools Guide UK guide 2018-2019Info about IB and how to get results

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