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The international schools market in Asia
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 International education is hard to define. There are education systems that are more common globally, and there are school associations around the world that offer accreditation to their members. Many popular schools are members of several associations.Some schools offer a number of curricula, have pupils of numerous nationalities, and teach in a variety of languages.
This section helps you explore the options and demystifies some of complexities around education systems.Preparing students for the changing global workforceAn education that’s fit for the futureFive key trends for international schoolsRise in parents looking for an international educationThe International BaccalaureateWhat is the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP)?Preparing pupils for cutting-edge careersGrowing up among worlds, how schools support TCK’sMental health in children: Is your school fostering a sense of wellbeing and promoting good mental health in children?Today happiness in school – tomorrow prepared for the futureFull STEAM ahead: international schools foster critical thinking and creativity

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