Parent Workshop: Raising your Bilingual Child

As part of the Great International Education & Schools Fair, join Susan Stewart, Head of Multilingualism, Head of Operations, International School of London, for an online workshop for parents and educators.

The International School of London

Bilingual Education Workshop Outline

Is your child new to learning in English and you are wondering how they will manage? Are you worried about your child 'losing' or 'forgetting' their home language(s) now that they are using English so much? Does your child reply to you in English when you use your language with them? Does your child mix all of their languages when they speak?In this workshop, Susan Stewart (Head of Multilingualism, International School of London) will share the research behind developing bilingualism and the key role parents and families play in the process. There will be lots of practical advice and tips during this workshop.

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Bio Susan Stewart ISL

Susan Stewart is Head of Multilingualism at the International School of London, where she leads a department of Home Language, Language Acquisition and English as an Additional Language teachers. Susan has lived and worked in Thailand, the UAE, South Africa, Belgium, Oman and Sweden, and has raised two bilingual global-nomad children. Susan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and French and is currently completing an MA Linguistics at Birkbeck UCL.Susan speaks English, French, German, Afrikaans, Swedish and Arabic and is a lifelong learner of languages. Susan is active in the local community in promoting the use of home languages, delivering regular parent workshops around the challenges of raising bilingual children in monolingual environments. Susan supports a group of heritage language schools in the local community and is interested in the interaction between (international) schools and local language communities.Susan has a particular interest in the area of language policy as a driving force in promoting multilingualism within families, schools and on a national level. Susan’s work centres around the need to understand the diverse language profiles of multilingual families and children and how these can be nurtured within schools and beyond. Susan is also involved with charities and organisations working with the visually impaired. Susan is the Chair of the ECIS MLIE (Multilingual Learning in International Education) committee.

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