IB MYP eAssessment results released

In the year that the International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrates its 50th anniversary, pupils across the world received the results of their IB MYP eAssessment from the May 2018 exam session.

IB MYP eAssessment results released
Almost 11,200 Middle Years Programme (MYP) students from across Africa, Europe and the Middle East have received their eAssessment results from the May 2018 examination session.This represents a 13 per cent increase compared with last year. 

An exam that focusses on inquiry 

Pupils from 227 schools in 63 countries across the region participated, and students, receiving an average score of 31.24 points (of 56 possible maximum). 
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The MYP eAssessment was introduced in 2016 for MYP Year 5 students (aged 16). The on-screen assessment goes beyond rote memorisation; 75 per cent of the assessment focuses on inquiry, communication and critical thinking skills.School search and education advice - connect with our in-country experts

Developing real-world skills

Chief Assessment Officer, Paula Wilcock, said, “It is wonderful to see an increased number of students taking part in MYP on-screen assessments. We remain committed to delivering media rich, interactive assessments that assess real-world skills such as communication and critical thinking.”Following its founding in 1968, the first IB exams took place in 1971 with a total of 29 students taking part. Since then the IB has been the global success story with currently more than 1.7 million IB students attending 4,896 schools in 153 countries.For more education and school related news, visit our Education and Schools pages.Access hundreds of global services and suppliers in our Online DirectoryClick to get to the Relocate Global Online Directory  Get access to our free Global Mobility Toolkit Global Mobility Toolkit download factsheets resource centre© 2018. This article first appeared in the 2018 edition of the Guide to Education & Schools in the UK, published by Profile Locations, Spray Hill, Hastings Road, Lamberhurst, Kent TN3 8JB. All rights reserved. This publication (or any part thereof) may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Profile Locations. Profile Locations accepts no liability for the accuracy of the contents or any opinions expressed herein.

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