Priming talent pipelines: BP launches the Skills Refinery

Students in five pilot regions – Australia, Azerbaijan, Singapore, the UK and US – can hone critical workplace skills in a new online portal devised by BP.

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The Skills Refinery aims to help undergraduate students in their first and second years of study to equip themselves for the future world of work.Created by global energy firm BP, a large graduate recruiter, the platform provides students with the chance to test and develop five skills areas: critical problem solving, innovation, influence and communication, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence.

Gamifying graduate training and skills

The Skills Refinery allows students to test themselves, track and progress their skills by using interactive quizzes to discover what these five skills mean in practice in the professional world. BP hopes students will find this free-to-join resource helpful in enhancing their essential professional skills in an engaging way.
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To add an element of competition, BP will set an annual global challenge. Launching in December, students will be asked to form teams to compete via video submission at a national level.The national winners will go on to challenge each other at a global level for the chance to win an exclusive, all-expenses-paid trip next year to the One Young World Summit for its tenth anniversary in London.

Planning for future employment needs

BP is among other major graduate recruiters, like Jaguar Land-Rover, working with young people to improve employability and work in partnership with schools and education providers.School search and education advice - connect with our in-country expertsWith fewer young people entering the workplace as birth rates decline, such programmes are a critical element of managing talent, especially in STEM, ensuring businesses have access to people with relevant skills and increasing young people’s awareness of the skills needed in the world of work.

Equipping young people for success in a changing world

Julia Harvie-Liddel, group head of resourcing at BP, commented: “At BP we recognise that the world is changing fast. Technology and digitisation are transforming the workplace and the nature of work is quickly evolving. “We believe we can play a critical role in helping students ‘future proof’ their skills and better equip them to be successful in an ever-changing world.“We don’t know what the jobs of the future will be, but we can give students the skills to prepare for them. We hope the Skills Refinery will enable them to do just that.”BP plans a full global launch of the Skills Refinery for 2019. To access the Skills Refinery online platform, please follow the link to BP Skills RefineryFor related news and features, visit our Education & Schools pages. 
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