UK government urged to be bold on trade deals

What bold steps does Adam Marshall, Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce, urge the government to take on trade as the UK moves forward post-Brexit?

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The leader of one of the UK's largest business groups demanded on Thursday that the government focus on plans to enable companies to "move goods, people and data across borders" once the Brexit transition period ends on December 31.Speaking at the annual conference of the British Chambers of Commerce, Adam Marshall, the organisation's director-general, called on the government to cut high, up-front costs faced by firms and to take bold steps to improve the business environment following the UK’s departure from the EU.Among his demands were agreements for future, strong relationships with the EU, US and other trading partners; reductions in business rates and other costs facing businesses; and the delivery of ambitious infrastructure projects such has the high-speed rail link between London, the Midlands and northern Britain.

UK Chancellor has "huge opportunity" in the next budget

Before an audience that included Health Secretary Matt Hancock - the man in charge of the UK's fight against Coronavirus - Mr Marshall said, “Six days from now, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver this government’s first Budget.“At this moment of change – he has a huge opportunity to go ‘all in’ and take big steps to improve conditions for UK business and enterprise.“An opportunity to stop the endless rises in up-front costs that strangle growing firms and dim their horizons. An opportunity to back the innovators and entrepreneurs who put UK expertise and know-how on the global map.“An opportunity to offer help to those companies and areas affected by the global challenge posed by Coronavirus.“And above all, an opportunity to send a signal of support to British business through this period of political change – so that business in return can help make the UK a better place for all its people.”

Government "must put its money where its mouth is" to support and promote UK trade

Over the next few years, Mr Marshall said, moving goods across borders is going to cost businesses more as is hiring people and complying with additional rules on tax, data and standards.“What businesses want to see now is Westminster focusing in on the details that matter, so that companies can move goods, people and data across borders successfully after the 1st of January," he added."Crucially, Her Majesty’s Government must stop dreaming up new bureaucracy, new administration, and new compliance requirements, so companies can put their time and resources into their people, their communities, and the climate challenge, instead.”Mr Marshall said the government "must put its money where its mouth is" to support and promote UK trade "to give a leg up to the many thousands of companies whose overseas efforts will make Global Britain a reality".

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