3 Secrets To Having Great Conversations

3 Secrets To Having Great Conversations

What you will learn on the webinar:

SECRET #1:How to increase the productivity of any dialogue

…by using a simple yet powerful tool for identifying and providing what is missing to take the conversation to the next level

SECRET #2:How dialogue saves valuable time

No one wants to waste time. Well-facilitated conversations will save you far more time than they take.

SECRET #3:How dialogue turns difficult people into valuable assets

Get the most out of the people you talk to, regardless of their disposition towards you and the project.

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Sarah Rozenthuler 2023

SARAH ROZENTHULER is a leadership consultant, dialogue coach and published author with over 15 years’ experience working internationally as a professional psychologist. Clients include BP, Spencer Stuart and Standard Chartered Bank. With extensive expertise in dialogue facilitation and team development, Sarah coaches senior leaders and their teams to have the conversations that matter most.

Sarah is passionate about unlocking human potential in organisations. She has been a Chartered Psychologist since 2003 and has worked closely with global thought leaders Bill Isaacs and Peter Garrett. Sarah’s book Life- Changing Conversations (Watkins, 2012) has been widely featured in the media, including the Guardian, FT, Sunday Times, Psychologies Magazine and BBC Business online.

Claus Springborg 2022

DR CLAUS SPRINGBORG is a leadership consultant, author, lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and an Associate Consultant of Bridgework. With a PhD research from Cranfield School of Management on practices that can help leaders to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, Claus has over ten years’ experience teaching entrepreneurship, management theory and personal development.

As the author of the book Sensory Templates and Managerial Cognition – Art, Cognitive Science and Spiritual Practices in Management Education (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) Claus enables leaders to improve their effectiveness by deepening their presence. Using an evidence-based approach, Claus brings humanistic principles, precision, reflexivity and humour to his teaching and consulting work.


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