Global Mobility industry gets creative

Global mobility professionals capture the mood of business and international operators faced with new market opportunities in international business growth and travel but an uncertain global political environment.

Networking reception artists
The global mobility sector came together at the Institute of Director’s in London on Thrusday 21st of February for a lively evening of networking which coincided with the end of the Business Travel show.

International Networking Party coincides with London Business Travel Show

It had been a busy week for many drawn together for an event which reflects the multi-billion pound travel industry sector and its huge technology infrastructure.As more employers become nervous about the tax and immigration compliance risks of business travel and the importance of tracking employees for also for their own safety and security, the trend is growing for HR and corporate global mobility specialists to take responsibility for business travellers. Couple this with the fact that international assignments are becoming shorter and business travel is increasing to cope with growth in new overseas markets then it is not surprising that global mobility professionals are having to get up to speed quickly with an increased volume of employees to support. It is also the case that many organisations are now potentially poised to set up in a new dominion as a result of Brexit with little experience of what is involved.For these reasons many more global mobility suppliers and in-house specialists are now having to take an interest in the fast-evolving and technology driven business travel sector.The evening offered an opportunity for the whole sector ranging from HR and corporate mobility specialists to relocation management companies, serviced apartment providers, lawyers and educationalists to catch up with trends and share experiences over recent months.

Global mobility professionals crucial to supporting challenge for international business

Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor reflected on the top priorities for business which include talent shortages, productivity issues, the impact of technology, fast change across industry sectors, cost-control and efficiency, as well as the importance of leadership, trust and ‘good business’ values in recruiting and retaining internationally-minded people in highly competitive markets.Fiona commented, “Global mobility professionals and the experts that support them understand the complexities of managing and supporting talent, they are good at solving problems for international organisations whether they are dealing with immigration or tax implications for individuals or the company, managing and supporting talent in a merger or acquisition situation or responding to housing, accommodation and family needs such as finding new schools at short notice.“This is a relatively new but sophisticated sector that forms a closely connected supply chain that works well together and can react very quickly in an international context responding to change and complexity. After all global mobility is all about change and supporting people and their organisations to flourish.”

Artist in residence Peter Moolan Feroze stimulates discussions on business challenges

At the evening Relocate Global introduced their artist in residence, Peter Moolan Feroze, RAA, to the London audience to help capture their feelings around current business challenges and begin to understand the power of thinking creatively to unlock solutions to daily problems and plan for the future.Peter Moolan Feroze, engaged attendees in a simple and fun drawing exercise to elicit some of challenges faced in the workplace. He believes in Renaissance thinking and in the power of cross fertilisation between subjects and disciplines. He reflects that in a world of expertise people are often too cautious to delve into other subjects to find solutions, but by using art they can break down some of these barriers.A central theme of conversation sparked by the art was global uncertainty – the current political climate and its impact on international business and employee mobility. Peter commented on how when people are faced with a blank page they have to be creative to fill it and this creativity can help problem solve in an uncertain environment.

Participants agree that uncertainty is biggest constraint to business

Peter encouraged a few guests to share with the room what they had drawn.Alistair Hunt of Santa Fe Relocation commented on the challenges that are presently impacting company decision making which affect immigration, business travel and international assignments and the frustration that we just don't know where these issues will end up.Other contributors echoed these thoughts, expressing how immigration, tax, and policy are constantly changing and how this is creating consternation for everyone. By contrast some attendees focussed on organisational issues including how hierarchies, committees and meetings made communication and decision making challenging. In contrast some were able to capture in their drawing the excitement and opportunity of breaking into new markets and innovating. Others eluded to constant values such as family and friends and the importance of a sense of home and place in a new location.In an increasingly complex and uncertain world Peter's Renaissance approach to breaking down traditional silos of expertise and hierarchies is mirrored by the presentation by Dr Yves Morieux of Boston Consulting Group on Smart Simplicity, at the CIPD National Conference covered in Relocate's Winter 2018/19 magazine. Approaches to improving productivity by breaking down traditional structures are very much on trend as revealed by Jesse W. Newton in his new book Simplify Work: Crushing Complexity to Liberate Innovation, Productivity, and Engagement. Peter Moolan Feroze will be working with guests at Relocate Global’s Think Women event and lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Institute of Directors on 8 March.He will also explore the Renaissance approach and work with delegates in a workshop environment at The Festival of Global People on 14 & 15 May to be held at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London.
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