Family Support: Health, well-being and work-life balance

A factsheet on the importance of supporting relocating partners during relocations and international assignments is now available as part of Relocate’s Global Mobility Toolkit. Download your free copy.

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A new employee and family support factsheet in Relocate’s Global Mobility Toolkit, which provides information, practical advice and support for HR, global mobility managers and global teams operating overseas, is now available to download.
Global Mobility Toolkit Factsheet: Family Support: Health, well-being and work-life balance
Download Factsheet 3: Health, well-being and work-life balance
The content of the Heath, Well-being and Work-life Balance factsheet includes:
  • Thought leader viewpoint
  • The importance of addressing well-being in international mobility
  • Policy implications: health issues
  • Security Work-life balance and working time
  • Useful contacts
  • Further reading


Policy implications: health issues 

International assignment policies should include assistance with various aspects of health and welfare, such as health care and emergency assistance. Health care provisions aim to ensure that employees and accompanying family are fit to go to – and live in – the destination country. As such, policy content typically includes:
  • Pre-assignment medical examinations and vaccinations for the employee, spouse/ partner and children 
  • Annual medical examinations while on assignment
  • Private medical/health insurance; this may also potentially include dental insurance
  • In-country medical treatment
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Out of host country medical assistance, if the medical facilities in the host country are not considered acceptable by appropriate medical professionals
  • Pregnancy/maternity support.

Download the health, well-being and work-life balance factsheet
Family Support Factsheet download


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