CIPD 2018: Reflecting the world of work in HR

The professional body for HR and people development, the CIPD, started its two-day annual conference and exhibition on Wednesday in Manchester.

CIPD chief executive, Peter Cheese, kicked off the 2018 event with the unveiling of a new Profession Map for HR, which seeks to build and strengthen the voice of HR in business.The updated Profession Map sets out the knowledge, behaviours and values underpinning today's people profession experts. It builds on the development of the profession towards a strategic partner over the past decade.
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Context is all

The CIPD believes the revised development framework better reflects the now-familiar changes in the world of work and the wider external context.Speaking to these trends and challenges, and highlighting the interconnectedness of globalised business, Mr Cheese referenced the news emerging overnight from the US midterm elections.This key date in the US democratic cycle returned new politicians to the House of Representatives in an election that has been hailed as an important victory for inclusion and diversity in the US.In the UK, Mr Cheese also cited the apparent narrowing of the gender pay gap as a further sign of our changing times, and HR's vital role in leading, addressing and responding to them.

Rethinking HR

Reiterating his belief that HR is at a critical inflection point, he described the new Profession Map as “a fundamental rethink of our core competencies and the context of our profession.”Good work, flexible working, well-being and engagement, skills and capabilities, inclusion and diversity, governance and transparency remain central to the CIPD, he explained.The focus now is also on supporting professionals to “build and strengthen the voice of the profession at this profoundly important time,” where businesses are reassessing their role in society, said Mr Cheese.

Leading from the front?

"We are at an incredible point in time where we are rethinking that is the real heart of business," Mr Cheese continued. "It’s about people – humanity. This really is going to define our future."What an opportunity for our profession to step up and deliver these opportunities.”Gary Cookson, director of HR cosultancy, EPIC, and one of the 19,000 members involved in helping to redefine the Profession Map, said. "What most excites me is that we, as a profession, are actively considering the future of work and how to make that world a better place."Follow Relocate on Twitter as we continue our coverage on Thursday 9 November 2018.Head to our HR section for more news and insight.  
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