How can coaching help create engagement in the VUCA age?

Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times raise a key question for CEOs, HR, talent and global mobility leaders: how to build trust and effective organisations.

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Research consistently tells us that people are increasingly looking to work with companies whose values and purpose align with their own.Leaders who have the skills and insights to create an appealing culture, encourage engagement and loyalty are therefore likely to lead companies agile enough to overcome the VUCA environment.

Exploring coaching in context

To explore what this means in practice, the UK Chapter of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce is organising its first ever human-capital focused event in central London next week.Sponsored by global professional services firm PwC and hosted by the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), the early-evening event at the Royal Society will welcome three keynote speakers: John Blakey, CEO coach and author of The Trusted Executive, Birthe Mester, global head of performance, engagement and culture, Deutsche Bank, and Sue Johnson, diversity and inclusion consultant at PwC. They will be joined by Nick Ceasar, head of performance consulting, NatWest Markets, and Robin Chu, CEO and founder of CoachBright in a panel discussion led by James Woodeson, secretary general of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Can a coaching culture drive engagement?

Through their three inspiring TED-style talks, the keynote speakers are set to consider how a coaching approach can help:
  • maintain employees’ confidence in leaders
  • leverage diversity for growth 
  • develop an engaged and loyal workforce to achieve organisational goals
  • grow and support trust in organisational culture to a positive impact.
A key feature of the event will be real-life, practical examples with direct relevance to the issues global mobility practitioners face.Birthe Mester will talk about the benefits for engagement of a coaching approach at Deutsche Bank, while Sue Johnson will pick up how coaching has helped foster greater inclusion at PwC.
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The role of coaching in global mobility

As well as directly relevant to HR, senior leaders, learning and development (L&D) and talent managers, these areas cross-over to coaching and the international mobility sphere on critical issues, like:
  • accelerated assimilation, on-boarding and transition management
  • career planning, networking and exploring opportunities
  • relationship and effectiveness building in new cultures
  • resilience
  • relocating partners
  • retention and talent management.
Commenting on the importance of coaching to building robust businesses and engagement across international boundaries, Gina Lodge, CEO of the AoEC, who will be hosting and introducing the 26 April event, said: “We hear a lot about engagement at the moment, particularly with the younger generation coming into the workplace and companies trying to keep their interest and motivation levels high.“Coaching changes everything. It is truly transformational. It helps manage that engagement. It makes people feel part of the fabric of the company and that they are doing something important.“With change and the need to manage people throughout this ongoing process a constant, this event promises to offer a different perspective on how companies are approaching the challenges of the VUCA age to build trust and engagement through coaching cultures, and drive performance across borders.”To book your place at the event, which takes place on Thursday 26 April from 6pm at the Royal Society in central London, please click here.
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