Migration department in Moscow suspends new work permit

As a result of technical difficulties the Moscow migration department has had to suspend filing new work permit applications. Migration offices may also refuse to complete address registration.

Migration department in Moscow suspends new work permit, Moscow business centre
The Moscow migration department in Sakharovo has recently suspended filing of work permit applications due to technical reasons.In addition, occasional rejections have taken place when applying to local migration offices for the address registration of employees who previously obtained work permits at the Moscow migration department.

What are the details?

Due to malfunctions and shutdowns of software that take place the applicants may face the following problems at the migration authorities:
  • The migration department in Sakharovo may suspend accepting of work permit applications without preliminary notice
  • Local migration offices may refuse to accomplish address registration for a period exceeding 3 months on the grounds that “there is no record of employee’s work permit in the database”
Moscow department officials are aware of the problem and have started informing those collecting work permits of complications, which may occur when applying for the address registration.Related story:

What are the temporary solutions?

As a solution, it is suggested applicants obtain a certificate from the Moscow migration department (Sakharovo) confirming work permit issuance and collection for its subsequent submission to a local migration office.A certificate’s procurement may take from one to several business days.The above problems are observed as of the 9th of August and no information on the terms of their elimination is available.Intermark explained that the following situations might result in the repeated visits of their specialists to the Migration department in Sakharovo:
  • The authority refuses for technical reasons to accept a work permit application on the day of its submission
  • Certificate confirming work permit issuance/collection is to be obtained to proceed with an employee’s address registration at a local migration office
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