Inspiring Think Women webinars to celebrate International Women’s Day

This year to celebrate International Women’s Day we invited three women to share their stories and experiences with our Think Women community to update us on what they have learnt and achieved over the past year.

Join Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie in lively conversation with our guests.
Why is Purpose so Important for Women Now? With Sarah Rozenthuler

Why is Purpose so Important for Women Now?

Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah’s passion for purpose-led leadership comes from creating a career that she loves following some “lost years” working as a circus performer in Spain in her twenties.Sarah is the author of Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work (FT Pearson, 2020) and How to Have Meaningful Conversations: Seven Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most (Watkins, 2019). Her work has been widely featured in the media including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and BBC Business online.

Ripples of Change for Women in the Post Pandemic World

Vlatka Hlupic

Vlatka Hlupic is world's top 11 Most Influential HR Thinker, an international award-winning thought leader on Leadership 4.0. Driven by her passion and purpose to make this world a better place, she is creating a global impact with her work, helping thousands of leaders and organisations worldwide to shift to a higher level of performance and profit whilst creating more engaging, purposeful and happier work places that do well by doing good.Our keynote speaker at Think Women in 2020, Vlatka returns to share her thoughts on the impact of the pandemic and how you can initiate ripples of change. As an activist for humanising management, she explains how to make a difference in your organisation. Don’t miss insights from the author of the ground-breaking book 'The Management Shift - How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success' to grow your business now.
Why supporting women to realise their aspirations matters with Dr Susan Shortland

Why supporting women to realise their aspirations matters

Dr Susan Shortland

Sue Shortland, academic and International HRM expert shares a wealth of information on why it is important for those managing international teams and operating global mobility programmes to support women now as we move out of the pandemic and face the future and the changing workplace in the ‘new normal’.From household work, home schooling, caring responsibilities, furlough and redundancies, women are bearing the brunt – how is this affecting their careers and what can be done to move their careers forward? In an enlightening and accessible conversation with Fiona Murchie, she covers segregation and the gender and ethnicity pay. She explores the prospects for young women’s careers and career choices plus sectorial issues and how women can start to re-position into sectors not hit by the pandemic.We have curated plenty of editorial and resources for you to dip into over the coming weeks and share with your colleagues and management teams.

Global Mobility Toolkit

Download our Factsheets offering practical advice and a framework to help you deliver policy and support change in your organisation. Topics covered range from inclusion and diversity to family support and designing a global mobility policy.

Think Women Community

How has your journey progressed? We would love to hear what you are doing now and how Think Women can support you and your team in their careers and help women and girls around the world to reach their potential.Send your short blogs, photographs, videos and ideas to Fiona Murchie via email to . We will publish as much as we can to accelerate progress and provide a Think Women community that can make a difference.

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