Why is Purpose so Important for Women Now?

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, leadership consultant and published author. Watch her in conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie.

Click on the image above to watch Sarah Rozenthuler in conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie for International Women’s Day.

Sarah’s passion for purpose-led leadership comes from creating a career that she loves following some “lost years” working as a circus performer in Spain in her twenties. Having achieved a first class degree in psychology and a position at a global consultancy, she decided to step away from the corporate world despite her love of applying insights from organisational psychology to help people improve performance and wellbeing. Moving to Spain, Sarah unexpectedly fell on hard times and spent four years on the road, evolving a street circus show and juggling fire across the vibrant fiestas of Spain.This tough but life-enriching experience showed Sarah how fulfilling our deepest potential comes, not from ignoring our calling, but from doing what is ours to do. No learning is ever wasted and ‘crucible moments’ hold valuable clues to our purpose. Through performance, Sarah also learnt the art of pulling a crowd, a skill she has applied in the corporate arena ever since, with a well-earned reputation for engaging, entertaining and educating people as she guides organisations, teams and leaders to enjoy meaningful work that creates real value.
Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, leadership consultant and published author. She is the CEO of Bridgework, a consulting company she founded to inspire leaders and strengthen organisations to become a force for good in the world.

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Sarah has over 15 years international experience consulting to many organisations including bp, Discovery, Standard Chartered Bank as well as not-for-profit organisations such as Book Trust and Choice Support. Sarah coaches CEOs and their teams to lead more purposefully, communicate more effectively and bring more humanity into the workplace.
Sarah is the author of Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work (FT Pearson, 2020) and How to Have Meaningful Conversations: Seven Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most (Watkins, 2019). Her work has been widely featured in the media including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and BBC Business online.
Her book Powered by Purpose is available on Amazon and on BookDepository .Follow her on social media:Also in the Think Women interview series:The Inspiring Story Continues: Carrie Clark Officially an Airline Pilot
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