and At Home Switzerland Unite to Create New Temporary Housing Brand YOSAA, headquartered in Amsterdam, and Swiss-based company At Home Switzerland proudly announce their joint venture, introducing a new brand for temporary housing across Europe: YOSAA - Your Serviced Apartment Agency.

YOSAA's concept is born out of a shared passion for hospitality and a commitment to innovation. The booking platform connects business travelers with a curated selection of premium serviced apartments in both major cities and remote locations, with plans to steadily expand its services across the continent.Founders Bella Nokes (At Home Switzerland), Michael Berendsen, and Jouke Baaima ( met at an industry event in 2016, sharing values, business ethics, and a dedication to customer service, which sparked the idea of a unified agency.This partnership aims to enhance the serviced apartment industry, offering exceptional experiences to corporate travelers across Europe. The two companies, now forming YOSAA, will collaborate by leveraging their existing portfolios and client bases, ensuring a seamless transition and continued excellence in service while pursuing a strategy of organic growth.

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With the latest trends in global mobility, the shift to remote and hybrid work models and an increased focus on employee well-being and sustainability, the founders saw an opportunity to refine their offerings. Their dedication to adapting and contributing to European mobility has shaped their vision for YOSAA. Combining local expertise with industry knowledge and a personal approach, YOSAA ensures a deep understanding of clients' unique needs.YOSAA utilizes technology with a Guest Portal for individual travelers and a Mobility Portal for corporates, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Emphasizing sustainability, YOSAA partners with eco-friendly housing providers to minimize environmental impact.YOSAA invests in building a network of trusted suppliers to provide top-tier housing solutions, selecting only the best fully vetted housing partners. This rigorous partner selection process guarantees legal compliance, quality, safety, and comfort. The collaborative Partner Portal also provides our suppliers with a smooth and efficient experience.
In short, YOSAA is your new European housing partner; by working together they can deliver a seamless experience through advanced technology, personalized support, and a curated selection of high-quality accommodations throughout the continent.

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