Lead for innovation, growth and profit in the new world of work

Transformational programme for international leaders with Professor Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic
Masterclass, Thursday, 14 October, 3pm - 5pm BST Live and interactive on Zoom
Full programme runs typically over 6 - 8 weeks

Lead for innovation, growth and profit in the new world of work  Transformational programme for international leaders

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We live in unprecedented times, with the global economy almost at a standstill and new ways of living and working emerging. With an estimated global GDP loss of $76-346bn (USD) due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many leaders are looking for guidance on how to navigate the recovery process and ensure their organisations not only survive, but also grow, innovate and thrive in the post-pandemic world.This transformational programme will provide life-changing knowledge and practical tools for leaders.  It is designed to help today’s senior executives adapt to the new world of work emerging and to stimulate sustainable success in their organisations. Discover the power of embracing fresh thinking and a more active leadership role, to innovate, grow and be profitable. Be inspired to co-create a better, new world in the post pandemic era.The content of this programme is based on Professor Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic’s award-winning research featured in ‘The Management Shift’ and ‘Humane Capital’ books, as well as her latest research conducted during the pandemic, to help leaders navigate through these extraordinary times. This new research has directly resulted in a new leadership model ‘8Cs for Quantum Leadership’ that will also be presented in this programme.Creating a high-performing organisational culture has been at the top of the agenda for leaders for many years. However, research shows that few businesses have a clear model of leadership which improves organisational performance on a sustainable basis, and this need is augmented now with the global pandemic.While people are often cited as a company’s greatest asset, few businesses have a clear model of leadership that improves performance and engagement whilst removing barriers to innovation and uncovering hidden strengths in people and the organization.In this programme, Professor Hlupic will help attendees to make the Big Shift to a new way of thinking and working, which will inspire them to create ripples throughout their organisations to deliver high performance and innovation.The Full Programme (typically over 6 - 8 weeks) includes:
  • The Management Shift individual assessment for leaders (26 pages report to help individual transformation) Prior to masterclass
  • 2-hour masterclass with Professor Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic – 14 October, live and interactive on Zoom
  • The 6 Box Leadership organisational assessment for up to 300 employees (to guide organisational transformation) After masterclass
  • 45 minutes one-to-one brainstorming session with Professor Hlupic, to create a plan of action for transformation.
The Masterclass – Thursday, 14 October, 3pm – 5pm UK timeThe following topics will be covered in the 2-hour masterclass
  • The latest thought-leadership in management and leadership
  • The Why, What and the How of the Big Shift to new levels of thinking and working for individuals and organisations
  • The mindset that leaders need to adopt to lead organisations successfully for innovation, growth and profit
  • The power of the ripple effect for individuals, organisations and society at large
  • The leading-edge tool for Organisational Shift to the new level of performance and success in the post-pandemic world
  • Eight pillars for creating humane organisations
  • 8Cs Model for Quantum Humane Leadership needed for recovery
CostThe cost for the full programme, including both assessments, the masterclass, and a one-to-one session with Professor Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic                      £4000.00 + VATIf you prefer to focus on individual development and forego the organisational assessment, the cost would be                                                                       £3000.00 + VAT 

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Download the brochure for the next transformational programme for international leaders with Professor Vlatka Arianna Hlupic

Further details

Key Challenges for CEOs

  • Perceived productivity masking exhaustion
  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Building connections
  • Attracting talent
  • Culture for hybrid workplaces
  • Succession planning
  • Sustaining innovation
  • Employee performance
  • Team cohesion
  • Team conflict
  • Strategies and goals to pursue
  • People relationship
  • Inspiring performance and leadership
  • Mentorship opportunities for staff
  • Interpersonal struggles
  • Mind barriers to change

5-Level Model

Leaders need to adopt Level 4 mindset and create Level 4 culture, based on the five levels of The Management Shift Model.
5 levels of The Management Shift framework

Figure 1: 5 levels of The Management Shift Models

This model is based on many years of interdisciplinary research. It shows that there are five levels that our individual mindset goes through and there is a corresponding organisational culture at each level. Every level is characterised by specific thinking patterns, language used, emotions, leadership style and organisational outcomes.At Level 1, the mindset is ‘Lifeless’ and culture is ‘Apathetic’. Not much gets done at this level, there is a lot of fear, blame, worry, and this is the place where we can see toxic organisational cultures. It is not possible to operate at this level for a substantial amount of time. Employees’ physical and mental health is affected, they will leave and eventually the story will leak into the public domain. And once the reputational damage is done and trust is lost, no amount of public apology can repair it. So, it is very important to prevent creating such culture in the first place.At Level 2, the mindset is ‘Reluctant’, and culture is ‘Stagnating’. At this level, people do the minimum they can get away with just to get the paycheck.  Bosses are un-inspirational, lack drive and make no effort to inspire good performance. At Level 3, the mindset is ‘Orderly’ and the culture is ‘Controlled’. People are micromanaged, they do what they're told to do by their boss. They are led with charismatic leaders who often have a big ego. At that level, we tick the boxes, we achieve KPIs, but we still see low levels of engagement, performance, innovation, and for many organisations low levels of revenues and profit. To achieve a highly performing organisation, where people are enthusiastic about working for that company, are inspired by their boss, and the organisation does well, employees and organisations need to move to Level 4. At Level 4, the mindset is ‘Enthusiastic’ and culture is ‘Collaborative’. The keywords at this level are trust, transparency, purpose, collaboration, having fun working, high levels of engagement, high levels of passion for work, focusing on purpose. At that level, there is a step change increase in revenues, innovation, and profit, and it is easy to attract and keep talent. At that level, many of the problems faced by organisations can be eliminated.We can occasionally reach Level 5 with ‘Limitless’ mindset and ‘Unbounded’ culture. At that level, highly innovative teams work day and night on some amazing innovations for humanity. We cannot operate at this level continuously or we will burn out. The objective is to be anchored at Level 4 and occasionally reach Level 5.

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Download the brochure for the next transformational programme for international leaders with Professor Vlatka Arianna Hlupic

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