What is the Davos Summit doing for you?

The Davos summit gets underway this week (21-24 January). Often criticised for its exclusivity, the 2020 agenda sees steps towards sustainability for all and inclusion – key themes on the Relocate Global agenda.

Penelope Naas, Senior Vice-President, International Public Affairs and Sustainability, UPS Europe, Belgium, speaking in the Strategic Intelligence Briefing: Trade and Gender session at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switze

World Economic Forum

On Tuesday in the Swiss alpine resort, Professor Charles Schwab gave the opening address at the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering of business, political and social leaders and change makers.He outlined his vision for stakeholder capitalism, and launched a new open-source platform for people to share ideas about how best to meet the sustainable development goals.

Stakeholder capitalism and the Davos Summit

The Summit’s overarching theme of engaging all stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world comes as Greta Thunberg addressed delegates afterwards.She warned that science shows we have “eight years to avoid climate change,” adding extra urgency to the corporate social responsibility, business and social agendas.The four-day summit follows seven sub-themes: 
  1. Healthy Futures
  2. How to save the planet
  3. Beyond Geopolitics
  4. Society and the Future of Work
  5. Tech for Good
  6. Better Business
  7. Fairer Economies.
Each of Davos topic dovetails with Relocate Global’s editorial agenda for the coming year across its digital and print platforms.Relocate Global’s agenda includes like its International Women’s Day celebrations, Festival of Global People, and the refreshed and repurposed Relocate Awards, often regarded as the gold-standard accolade in the international mobility and business arena.

Combining mobility with international management thought-leadership

Relocate Global’s new People and Mobility content model is geared for engagement and connection with our stakeholders, including global leaders and managers, service providers, HR and mobility professionals.Covering sustainability and social responsibility, global leadership, employee support and wellbeing, as well as another key Davos theme – technology, AI and data analytics – Relocate Global is already leading on this agenda.In the latest issue of Relocate Global magazine, award-winning journalist Marianne Curphey asks how businesses can become more sustainable to not only help the environment, but also to attract talent. She also reports from the CBI conference and what its theme of inclusion for all really means.On the interlinked issue of employee support and well-being, covered at the CBI conference, Relocate Global’s global people writer Ruth Holmes reports from October’s This Is Us conference, finding out how companies like Microsoft are building international networks for LGBTQ+ employees.Acclaimed inclusion expert Stephen Frost also offers practical advice to how to overcome unconscious bias – critical in these tech-led times where search engines and algorithms risk leading us all into confirmation bias.

Relocate Global on the international stage

Heralding the Asia Century, former Daily Telegraph New York correspondent and Relocate Global contributing writer David Sapsted writes on efforts to strengthen UK-India trade ties.Relocate Global’s managing editor Fiona Murchie also reports back from Vietnam. Here she discussed with business leaders and global people professionals attending the EuRA conference in the fast-emerging Asian economy how they are adding value and responding to AI, technological advances and sustainability in the country.Linking another compelling global leadership theme – and another core to both Davos and Relocate Global – international education expert Ledetta Asfa-Wossen reports from the recent World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha.Reinvention and life-long learning are key to delivering the skills sustainable economies need Global Global – especially in this tech age and the prevalence of AI.Rounding out the latest issue’s coverage of technology and analytics as they link to Relocate’s global leadership, excellence and innovation and employee support themes, Professor Emirata Dr Sue Shortland examines the importance of organisational culture to making the best evidence-based decisions backed by data.

Relocate Global’s coverage of the Davos Summit and beyond

Says Fiona: “In 2020, we are looking at the implications of mobility through a wider international lens. We are pulling together international leadership priorities gleaned not only from the World Economic Davos summit, but also the CBI, CIPD and Worldwide ERC© to name but a few. “As we’ve been at the forefront of reporting for a number of years, the global business and people agendas are changing. The message is now being heard by those able to make real, lasting changes.“We look forward to continuing to lead the agenda around these issues and engaging with our readership to ensure progress happens for all through our coverage of Davos, and throughout the year with our international content and must-attend events.”

More Relocate Global international leadership and management 

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